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Cogeneration Channel: From Enmax, energy for low emissions district heating 

10-18-2018 16:59

Cogeneration Channel: Case Study

Jason Grabinsky, Manager Business Relationship, District Energy, ENMAX Corporation

The Enmax district heating plant serves numerous homes, commercial and institutional buildings in the city of Calgary (Canada), including City Hall, the National Music Center and the New Central Library. Since 2018 a 3.3 MW cogeneration plant has been integrated that will allow Enmax to prevent the emission of approximately 14,000 tons of greenhouse gases per year and to bring the efficiency of the heating plant to 90%. It is precisely because the theme of environmental impact is central to Enmax’s values that the company offers tours to local residents, so that they can understand how energy can be produced efficiently.

Publication Date: 16/10/2018
Original language: English 
Origin: Canada
Duration: 0:02:35


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