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Repairing the heart of Copenhagen's district heating system

Soren Orsted, Ramboll Summary Due to an unstable operation, the valves of ‘chamber 130.12’ needed to be replaced, which is the heart of the Copenhagen district heating system delivering heat to approximately 250.000 households. This is the first replacement since it was installed in the...

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Corix Temporary Energy Centres East and West

Corix’s TEC East and West are the two interim energy centre’s providing hot water thermal energy to the Neighbourhood District Energy Service (NDES) at UBC while the development of the Wesbrook Neighbourhood builds out. Both energy centre’s are a temporary means used to bridge the timing gap...

CORIX_Presentation-TEC Tours.pdf

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District Heating Takes Off At NHS Grampian

Beth Milligan, Vital Energi July 18, 2017 Summary The 2.5km district heating network at NHS Grampian has seen a critical installation recently with one of the installs taking place alongside the Hospital’s emergency helipad. The district heating network will connect Royal Cornhill...

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CHP Project Delivery Options

Summary This presentation will outline then compare and contrast the typical project delivery mechanisms for district energy related central plant projects. Focusing on combined heat & power projects, we will explore the typical project delivery methods including design-build, EPC, and...


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