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Embrace the Architect - How TES Tanks Become Campus Landmarks

Summary Working with (instead of against) the campus Architect can result in a successful Thermal Energy Storage (TES) tank project that saves energy costs for the owner, and becomes a landmark for the campus. Learn how big TES tanks were built to enhance the campus appearance. Track 4C:...


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Thermal Energy Storage "Down Under"

Summary This presentation will include an overview of the 2 million gallon chilled water TES tank project at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, California. This is a unique TES application because the chilled water tank is fully buried under the student parking lot. The presentation will...


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Enhancing the Value of District Cooling Systems with a TES Tank: Saving Energy and Operational Costs While Looking Good Doing It

Summary Discusses best practices for implementing a thermal energy storage tank into your district cooling system and provides examples of successful integration. Speaker Guy Frankenfield, DN Tanks #ConferenceProceeding #2016 #DNTanks #ChilledWater #ThermalEnergyStorage ...


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Integrating thermal energy storage and CHP operations

Summary In October of 2013, Bucknell University completed the integration of new thermal energy storage (TES) system into the campus chilled water cooling system. Bucknell installed the TES system primarily to increase peak cooling system capacity to serve future building loads. The system...


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Innovative Energy Storage at a College Campus

Guy Frankenfield, DN Tanks July 25, 2017 A recent campus expansion at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA, included the addition of a 2.0 million gallon Thermal Energy Storage (TES) tank as a part of their existing chilled water district cooling system. To offset a portion of...

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Chilled Water Thermal Energy Storage

Summary Chilled water Thermal Energy Storage (TES) is a proven and reliable technology that when integrated with District Cooling systems can reduce the peak electric demand, or reduce the capital costs of installing a new central plant, or even allow power plants to deliver more Megawatts...


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Optimizing Turbine Inlet Chilling with Thermal Energy Storage

Summary The output of a gas turbine generator naturally diminishes during hot weather due to the reduction in mass flow of the less dense combustion air. Adding a closed loop chilled water system to the inlet, can recover or increase the power output of the electric generator at a high ambient...