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Submer Designs Liquid-Cooled Data Center In a Box for High-Power Edge Computing Sites

Data Center Knowledge Summary Liquid cooling company Submer has introduced a new modular data center solution that, by submerging servers in dielectric fluid, will enable its customers to pack a lot of compute muscle in a relatively small amount of space. The Barcelona-based startup’s new...

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Cork firm pioneers cooling solution that can transform waste heat into energy

Echo Summary IRELAND is Europe’s largest data centre market, with 66 active data centres and 29 currently in development. Dublin alone is home to four of the leading five hyperscalers. The ICT sector supports more than 100,000 direct and indirect jobs, with compute services our...

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New Edge data center to be built in Trondheim, Norway

DCD Summary Green Edge Compute AS and Statkraft have signed an agreement to build an Edge data center at Sluppen in Trondheim, Norway. The energy firm has partnered with the new data center company to build a data center ‘in the magnitude of 1-5MW’ and will be built at a location near to...

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Caransa Group to build Amsterdam's first district heating data center

Data Centre Dynamics Summary Amsterdam will be the first Dutch city to install a data center capable of district heating. The data center currently being built out in the port area of Amsterdam by the Caransa Group, a real estate investment trust (REIT) that specializes in commercial...

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Rolls-Royce supplies power solutions for SpaceDC’s first Indonesian green focused data center facility

Retail News Asia Summary Space officially launched its new ID01 25.45MW data centre campus with Rolls-Royce technology on 4 November 2020. It is the first green-focused data center in Indonesia. With innovative design and infrastructure, Space DC enables a power usage effectiveness (PUE)...

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Data centers are wasting heat that could warm homes and businesses

Quartz Summary As more of our lives move online, power-hungry data centers are multiplying. Already, the servers that run weather models, fuel financial markets, and store Facebook statuses soak up about 1% of the world’s electricity. By the end of the decade, they could use as much as 20...

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Crossing the Road to the Digital Era

Commercial Property Executive Summary COVID-19 has spurred data center growth , creating new trends and reinforcing existing ones in property management, sustainability and construction. Among these are adaptive rehabilitations into modern facilities through private and public...

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New solution for reducing CO2 from data centres and server rooms

Mirage Summary Researchers at DTU will work with industrial companies to develop a new cooling and storage system for data centres and server rooms, which will be managed through artificial intelligence and reduce energy consumption and thus CO 2 emissions. Data centres and server...

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Connecticut Supercharges Plan for World's Largest Fuel Cell Microgrid at $1 Billion Data Center

Andrew Burger, Microgrid Knowledge Summary Connecticut has supercharged development of a 20-MW fuel cell microgrid — part of a $1 billion data center project in New Britain — with a 10-year, $55.2 million sales and use tax exemption. EIP Investments intends to build a microgrid spanning 45...

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1 GW capacity greenfield site announced for Finland

Will Calvert, DCD Summary Hanko Data Parks has announced a new hyperscale site in Inkoo, Finland with the capacity for up to 1GW of power on site. The greenfield site, which is owned by Finnish state-owned energy company Fortum, is part of a collection of greenfield sites set up by Hanko...