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District Energy Strategy in Colombia

Summary The strategy of energy districts in Colombia is implemented as an alternative for the air conditioning sector transformation, which aims to the sustainable development and the fulfillment of the environmental and energy efficiency goals. The strategy has allowed the implementation of...


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Surrey's Low-Carbon District Energy Strategy

Summary This presentation will focus on Surrey’s City-owned DE utility and its plan to realize a community scale reduction in GHG emissions from buildings. To achieve this vision, the City has developed a 3-phase plan that commenced in 2014 and will result in the utility meeting its carbon...


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Companies Utilizing Microgrids to Achieve Their Energy Strategies for the 21st Century

Summary Thousands of stakeholders are benefiting today through Microgrids. Microgrids have revolutionized the way power is produced, delivered and consumed. This discussion will walk you through the key drivers for why a microgrid, what types of microgrids there are and how a microgrid is...