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Implications of Policy-Driven Electrification in Canada

A Canadian Gas Association Study Prepared By ICF October 2019 Executive Summary Moving away from an integrated multi-fuel, multi-grid energy system towards a fully electric single-grid system has been proposed in a number of jurisdictions as a pathway to significantly reduce Canada...

CGA - Implications-of-Policy-Driven-Electrification-in-Canada-Final-Report-October-2019.pdf

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How to Integrate CHP and District Energy in City-Level Resilience Planning

Summary As part of its Combined Heat and Power for Resiliency Accelerator, the US Department of Energy assisted in the creation of multiple tools to improve understanding of how CHP and microgrids can help communities meet resilience goals and ensure critical facilities remain operational...


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A Surprise to Analysts: Less CHP in Microgrids, More Solar

Lisa Cohn, Microgrid Knowledge Summary Combined heat and power (CHP) provides year-round baseload energy in microgrids — something renewable resources don’t do. Yet solar PV now overshadows CHP in planned microgrid projects, according to a new microgrid database by ICF. “We see a lot of...

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More than 550 Megawatts of New Combined Heat and Power Capacity Added in United States, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands

Press Release, U.S. Department of Energy The 2017 update to the Combined Heat and Power Installation Database includes more than 4,400 installations across the country representing 81.3 GW of capacity. The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO)...

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U.S. District Energy Services Market Characterization

Summary In a district energy system, a central plant or plants produce steam, hot water, or chilled water, which is then pumped through a network of insulated pipes to provide space heating, cooling, and/or hot water for nearby connected customer buildings. The U.S. Energy Information...

U.S. District Energy Services Market Characterization.pdf

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The 4 Main Pillars of Enhancing Utility Grid Resilience

Philip Mihlmester, Anne Choate; Greentech Media Summary Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria have increased the urgency of acting to make our electricity grids more resilient. While America’s utilities have significantly improved grid reliability overall, extreme weather events, including...

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CHP: The Anchor that Secures a Microgrid’s Position

Summary Microgrids are a growing area of interest for campuses and local governments who are looking for more resilient infrastructure; however they need robust energy generation sources to be successful at achieving this goal. This presentation will provide an overview of how different...


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Ownership and Financing Strategies for Campus CHP

Speaker Anne Hampson, ICF #ConferenceProceeding #CHP #ICF #2017 #CampusEnergyConference #BusinessModelsandFinancing #NorthAmerica #Featured