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The Challenges of Constructing and Operating a Multi-Phase Chilled Water Plant Under a City Street

Presenters Gary Cheek, NRG Energy #NRGPhoenix #Ice #DistrictCooling #AnnualConference #2017 #ConferenceProceeding #NRG


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Running a District Cooling Plant Like You Own It

Webinar Hosted By Summary This webinar provides experiential insight from an owner's perspective on the design, operation and management of district cooling plants for exemplary customer satisfaction in a high humidity region. Robert Garcia owns and operates multiple district...


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Increase District Cooling Plant Capacity by Adding Thermal Ice-Storage

Summary When building a new district cooling plant the future requirements are not always easy to predict. After a few years of operation the district cooling company may see additional potential business but can’t provide extra cooling capacity because the plant capacity is already fully...


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King Abdulaziz University: Design Limitations Justify Use of Enhanced Ice Thermal Storage

Summary Improvements in chiller performance with newer refrigerants and advances in large scale chilled water plant design methodology allow District Cooling (DC) systems to improve annual COP by selecting ice-based thermal storage technology. This is especially true in areas that have...


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Converting an Ice-Storage Plant from Ammonia to Traditional Refridgerent

Summary Facility was a heat pump hot/chilled water plant utilizing ammonia direct ice storage tanks in combination with centrifugal water chiller. EPA and local regulation changes required operational changes leading to rethinking chiller equipment. Life Cycle Costs of refrigerant were equal....