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Hydropower: Smart Energy

Summary Considering society's healthy interest in energy, sustainability and resiliency, hydropower technology can often be implemented as a simple addition to an existing water system. This presentation will describe how hydropower can be integrated into a new or existing water system to...


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Revisited Methods for Total Water Conservation

Summary In August of 2017, I presented material to the IDEA detailing the methods for reporting potable water savings associated with district energy systems and energy efficient retrofits. The presentation was well received but many questions were posed by the audience about the use of...


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Contract Considerations for Utility Privatization

Summary Privatization of district utility systems is becoming more prevalent in our industry. While there are many factors to consider, this presentation will focus specifically on various contracting models and the important issues that need to be considered and addressed, such as facility...


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Value Based Maintenance Program: Increased Equipment Reliability Utilizing Risk Insights

Summary A value based maintenance approach aims to improve equipment and component reliability while reducing overall operating costs. The process is a focused and detailed approach to maintenance, utilizing innovative technique and focuses on system/equipment criticality and risk insights to...


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Nuts and Bolts of Design Resiliency: Improved Facility Performance and Availability at Least Cost

Summary This presentation will discuss how to apply innovation and continuous process improvements to achieve design resiliency at the local level, or the nuts and bolts of design resiliency. Drawing upon innovations from recent design this presentation will share design attributes, that when...


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CHP Sensitivity Analysis - Predicting the Variability of Economic Performance

Summary Financial evaluation of CHP requires careful consideration of current and future economic variables such as escalation rates for utility costs, effects of standby charges and system availability. This presentation will discuss various tools and methods available for evaluating the...


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UI hires consultants for utilities transition

Vanessa Miller, The Gazette Summary IOWA CITY — In looking to monetize its utilities operation and create a new revenue stream, the University of Iowa has agreed to pay three consultants to, among other things, evaluate its assets, identify potential partners and map out a transaction plan. ...

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Summary The cutting edge $577M TRANSITGRID project will implement a microgrid capable of providing reliable power for vital rail systems operated by NJ TRANSIT and other operators of the Northeast Corridor (NEC). The microgrid will supply highly resilient power during critical times when the...


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Lessons Learned from the Design, Construction and Implementation of CHP Projects Across the Country

Summary The implementation of CHP projects often present many unique challenges compared to other district energy applications. This presentation will lay out common challenges and technical roadblocks encountered through the implementation of campus CHP projects from across the country (case...


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Lessons Learned from Commissioning CHP Projects

Summary Combined heat and power projects take years to fully develop, fund, design, construct and start-up. Bridging the gap between construction and commercial operation requires more than just commissioning. Experienced start-up leadership during final construction, equipment energization and...