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Waterloo Region wastewater plants turn to cogeneration power

Daily Commercial News Summary The Region of Waterloo is reducing its environment footprint with a project intended to decrease electrical costs at its three largest wastewater treatment plants. While the complications created by the global pandemic have set the construction timetable back...

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Field Erected Large Industrial Hot Water Generator Installation at the University of Virginia

Summary The University of Virginia has recently completed a project that installed a 100MMbtu/hr hot water generator. This project supports the LTHW conversion currently in progress and represents the first phase of the Main Heat Plant transition from steam to hot water. Additional heating...


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Designing Denver's First Wastewater District Energy System

Summary The National Western Center in Denver is the City’s premier district energy project and a key component of its drive towards a circular economy through the recovery of heat from wastewater. This technical session covers how the City and design team first identified and then optimized...


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The Struggle is Real: Hiring and Keeping #millennials

Summary The millennial workforce continues to grow – within the next 2 years, they are expected to make up 50 percent of the U.S. workforce. It will be 75 percent by 2030. How can we attract, motivate, and retain this new generation? We will explore this topic from two perspective: one from a...


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Marketing Your Project to a Board of Directors

Summary Planning, analyzing and/or designing district energy and utility infrastructure projects consumes significant time and money. The real value of these technically complex projects can be difficult to communicate to a non-technical governing body, causing difficulties in advancing or...


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Modeling Decisions for an Optimal Solution at University of Florida

Summary In an effort to develop an improved and resilient utility infrastructure, the University of Florida faced a number of crucial decisions. Addressing deferred maintenance, meeting future campus growth, partnership with a private utility and evaluating funding and phasing options were all...


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Emerging Technologies Shaping a Data-Driven Environment

Summary To keep up with the rapid demand for infrastructure management and improvements across the country, applications for new technologies are critical to improve project delivery, safety and quality. Many of the latest technologies on the market help clients, operators and engineers come...


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Hydropower: Smart Energy

Summary Considering society's healthy interest in energy, sustainability and resiliency, hydropower technology can often be implemented as a simple addition to an existing water system. This presentation will describe how hydropower can be integrated into a new or existing water system to...


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Revisited Methods for Total Water Conservation

Summary In August of 2017, I presented material to the IDEA detailing the methods for reporting potable water savings associated with district energy systems and energy efficient retrofits. The presentation was well received but many questions were posed by the audience about the use of...


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Contract Considerations for Utility Privatization

Summary Privatization of district utility systems is becoming more prevalent in our industry. While there are many factors to consider, this presentation will focus specifically on various contracting models and the important issues that need to be considered and addressed, such as facility...