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MIT Continues to Advance Toward Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals

MIT News Summary At MIT, making a better world often starts on campus. That’s why, as the Institute works to find solutions to complex global problems, MIT has taken important steps to grow and transform its physical campus: adding new capacity, capabilities, and facilities to better support...

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Control System Planning for Utilities Plants: Evolution vs Creation

Summary Universities are continually facing the challenges of aging infrastructure and tight budgets. In addition, there’s greater interest in obtaining data and making decisions that positively impact plant efficiency and reliability. Plant control systems are a key component of the equation....


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Form & Function, Large Scale CHP in an Urban Environment

Summary MIT has undertaken a 44 MW CHP plant expansion to address greenhouse gas emissions and improve system resiliency. The significant scale of this facility creates many challenges to be addressed by the project team including coordination of the required site aesthetics with the mission...


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Flipping Chilled Water Optimization, Train First

Summary Chilled Water optimization typically means making changes to the underlying control logic and setpoints within the plant control system. Finding the right balance of operating parameters can release a vast amount of hidden value and efficiency within your plant. What happens, though,...


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Americanizing European Hot Water Technology - Installation Costs US vs. EN Experience

Summary Facilities engineers, faculty, and students at Dartmouth College, MIT, University of Rochester, and University of Bridgeport teamed together with Ramboll to conduct research on campus district hot water conversion at their campuses. Throughout the process Ramboll gathered various...

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The Interface Between Project Design, Regulatory Compliance, and Public Outreach at MIT

Summary MIT’s CUP upgrade project will support campus growth by replacing and expanding the CHP system and improving the resiliency of the district energy system. This case study will focus on the environmental permitting process; specifically, the interface between project design, regulatory...


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MIT- Threading a Needle - CUP Expansion and Boiler and Deaerator Upgrade

Summary MIT needed to expand its district energy plant by installing a new 100,000 pound per hour boiler, new 500,000 PPH Deaerator as well as a 5,000 SF addition to house the new equipment. This expansion allowed MIT to deliver a more reliable energy source for the campus of today and...

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Researchers look to revive 3,500-year-old technology to take on energy storage

CleanTech Canada Summary CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—Engineers are coming at the energy storage problem from every angle imaginable—from supersized batteries and molten salt, to biomimicry and underwater balloons. A team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology drawing inspiration...

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MIT Control Upgrades for Critical Utility Services

Summary MIT worked with Sega Inc. to upgrade its central utility plant DCS controls without ever going offline. Drivers included: 1) Needed upgrade for antiquated system. 2) Inability to find spare parts for maintenance and replacement efforts. 3) Difficulties around maintenance. 4) Lack of...