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MIT- Threading a Needle - CUP Expansion and Boiler and Deaerator Upgrade

Summary MIT needed to expand its district energy plant by installing a new 100,000 pound per hour boiler, new 500,000 PPH Deaerator as well as a 5,000 SF addition to house the new equipment. This expansion allowed MIT to deliver a more reliable energy source for the campus of today and...

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Researchers look to revive 3,500-year-old technology to take on energy storage

CleanTech Canada Summary CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—Engineers are coming at the energy storage problem from every angle imaginable—from supersized batteries and molten salt, to biomimicry and underwater balloons. A team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology drawing inspiration...

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MIT Control Upgrades for Critical Utility Services

Summary MIT worked with Sega Inc. to upgrade its central utility plant DCS controls without ever going offline. Drivers included: 1) Needed upgrade for antiquated system. 2) Inability to find spare parts for maintenance and replacement efforts. 3) Difficulties around maintenance. 4) Lack of...


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MIT is set to upgrade its cogeneration plant, improving campus resiliency

Kristin Lund, MIT Facilities August 8, 2017 Summary After months of preparation, MIT is planning to break ground this month on an upgrade project that will revitalize its Central Utilities Plant (CUP), a distributed energy resource (DER) that powers the campus microgrid with thermal and...

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CHP Project Delivery Options

Summary This presentation will outline then compare and contrast the typical project delivery mechanisms for district energy related central plant projects. Focusing on combined heat & power projects, we will explore the typical project delivery methods including design-build, EPC, and...


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Chilled Water Energy Savings Study

Overview Our industry has proven that chiller water low Delta T causes chiller plant inefficiency and a dramatic increased pumping cost. This presentation will analyze how correcting low Delta T will eliminate over pumping and costly chiller plant inefficiency. By replacing manual balancing...


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Mass. Department of Environmental Protection Set to Approve Application for Central Utilities Plant Upgrade

Kristin Lund, MIT Facilities May 3, 2017 Summary In its efforts to upgrade the on-campus Central Utilities Plant (CUP), MIT has been advancing along a path of rigorous planning and meticulous permit applications. This summer, the Institute hopes to break ground on the project, based...