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Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Dairies

Summary Around 4% of the costs associated with dairy products manufacturing arise from energy generation. Cogeneration and trigeneration are ways to increase the dairy plant efficiency reducing the operational costs. OPRA Turbines offer solutions allowing fuel flexibility: wastewater is a...


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Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Breweries

Summary Around 8% of the costs associated with beer manufacturing process arise from energy. Cogeneration and trigeneration are possible ways to increase the plant efficiency. OPRA Turbines offer these two solutions and allow for fuel flexibility: wastewater and spent grains are valuable by...


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Case Study - Operating a Gas Turbine on Syngas from Solid Municipal Waste

Speakers Ahmet Yontem, OPRA Turbines #AnnualConference #ConferenceProceeding #2014 #Sustainability #RenewableEnergy #Fuels #WastetoEnergy #GasTurbines #OPRATurbines #Syngas #Turkey


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European case studies operating gas turbines for of industrial cogeneration

Summary This presentation will discuss two CHP case studies from Germany. One is a cigarette manufacturer which uses an OP16 gas turbine with additional duct firing to produce process steam. The other is a wheat starch manufacturer which uses an OP16 gas turbine and utilizes its exhaust gases...


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Energy Efficiency at Paper Mills: Combined Heat and Power in Italy

Summary Energy use in paper mills accounts for 15 - 30% of overall production costs. Italy's “Paper District of Lucca” as the tissue paper capital - is a key center of the world tissue paper industry with a reputation of continuous innovation. A new trend is to guarantee energy efficiency with...


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Abating Pollutants at Rubber Tire Factories: Waste to Power

Summary Rubber tire manufacturing discharges large amounts of fugitive air emissions (VOCs) during curing and other high temperature operations. EPA regulations and the Clean Air Acts require factories to control emissions. Gas turbines can be deployed as an abatement technology for such...