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Savosolar signs a contract with Eko Ekon for sales and delivery of large scale solar heating plants in Poland

Intrado Summary Savosolar Plc has signed an agreement with a Polish company Eko Ekon regarding the sales, marketing and delivery of large scale solar heating solutions in Poland. Based in Olecko, Poland, Eko Ekon will focus on sales and partner management for deliveries in the Polish market....

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Recovered Waste Heat Could be a Cost-Effective Source of Clean Energy for Southern Poland

Emerging Europe Summary Captured waste heat from local industry in southern Poland can compete with fossil fuel plants to supply affordable heating for local homes through district heating networks, providing cleaner air and attractive financial returns for investors, according to a new...

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Poland and Iceland Expand Their Cooperation for Geothermal Heating Projects.

Hydrogen Fuel News Summary The countries plan to boost their partnership in using this renewable energy to warm Polish homes. Iceland and Poland have broadened their renewable energy cooperation to bring geothermal heating projects to heat polish homes and businesses. Iceland’s...

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EU approves €64m Polish support for waste-to-energy plant

Priyanka Shrestha, Energy Live News Summary The European Commission has approved €64 million (£55m) of public support from Poland for the construction of a highly efficient waste-to-energy facility. The funding will be used by municipally-owned company Port Czystej Energi (PCE), with...

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Future of planned geothermal heating project in Konin, Poland to be determined in November 2019

Alexander Richter, Think Geoenergy Summary In a great overview article, Anna Chmurzynska of Termalni in Poland shares details on the planned geothermal heating project in Konin, Poland. The city is located in central Poland around half way between the capital Warsaw and the border to Germany...

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Geothermal heating networks expanded with EU funds in Zakopane, Poland

Alexander Richter, Think Geoenergy Summary New connections in Zakopane and in the municipalities of Poronin, Bialy Dunajec and Szaflary were created thanks to EU funds. The total value of the project was over PLN 9 million (ca EUR 2 million), half of which comes from the EU funds. In...

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State aid: Commission approves €5billion Polish support for cogenerated electricity and surcharge reductions for large energy consumers

Press Release, European Commission Summary State aid: Commission approves €5billion Polish support for cogenerated electricity and surcharge reductions for large energy consumers; opens in-depth investigation into reductions in capacity mechanism surcharge The European Commission has...

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Polish capital plans record budget to battle smog

Mu Xuequan, Xinhua Summary WARSAW, March 4 (Xinhua) -- The Warsaw municipality is set to approve a record 300 million zloty (79 million U.S. dollars) budget to combat smog, which was planned to be spent over the next four years, local media reported on Monday. The budget, which, according...

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Climate-friendly heating urged at UN conference in Poland

Radio Poland Summary Politicians and experts gathered at a UN conference in the southern Polish city of Katowice on Thursday discussed ways of limiting emissions from heating systems to mitigate climate change. During a lecture entitled “District Heating as an Effective Tool for...

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Poland targets district heating in bid to beat smog

Diarmaid Williams, Decentralized Energy Summary Warsaw is set to spend between €6bn and €7.2bn in the next decade in order to improve thermal insulation of houses in order to reduce the smog that cripples the country in winter months, according to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. The...