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Murphy Highlights Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation as Manufacturer of the Week

Murphy.Senate.Gov Summary U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) announced on Monday, August 12th that Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation in Danbury is that week’s “Murphy’s Monday Manufacturer.” Founded in 1920, Preferred Utilities specializes in the manufacturing of burners,...

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Doing more with less: Staying productive during major upgrades

David Bohn, Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Crop., Power Engineering Summary Given today's skilled workforce shortage, figuring out how to get the most productivity from the fewest workers has become one of a power sector’s top challenges. How can a plant stay on top of its output...

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Danbury firm exploring new bio-residual oil to lower energy costs, environmental impact

Kevin Zimmerman, Westfair Communications Summary A Danbury company is betting that a new type of biodiesel could be the answer when it comes to finding a cleaner, more efficient and more effective fuel source. In fact, so confident is Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corp. in bio...

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Storage and Handling of Liquid Biofuels

Summary Both Biodiesel and Renewable Fuel Oil (RFO) have different chemical and physical characteristics than conventional diesel fuel that must be accounted for when designing storage and handling systems for these renewable fuels. This "nuts and bolt" level discussion will include deciding...