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Rochester aims for 100% renewable energy

Michael Miller, Radish Magazine Summary Globally renowned as a terminus of health, Rochester’s focus on medical wellness clashes with its consumption of fossil fuels for energy, which pollutes the environment and endangers public health. Luckily, Rochester took a leap toward the growing...

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University of Rochester's Hot Water Conversion: Lessons Learned

Summary Presented at IDEA's Campus Energy Conference Distribution Workshop March 5, 2018. Speakers Rich Stein & Scott DeHollander, University of Rochester #CampusEnergyConference #2018 #ConferenceProceeding #Workshop #ThermalDistribution #HotWater #UniversityofRochester ...


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Americanizing European Hot Water Technology - Installation Costs US vs. EN Experience

Summary Facilities engineers, faculty, and students at Dartmouth College, MIT, University of Rochester, and University of Bridgeport teamed together with Ramboll to conduct research on campus district hot water conversion at their campuses. Throughout the process Ramboll gathered various...

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Rochester District Heating Cooperative finishes infrastructure updates

Velvet Spicer, Rochester Business Journal Summary Rochester District Heating Cooperative has completed its $7 million downtown facility modernization projects. The infrastructure updates will allow the nonprofit thermal energy cooperative to provide buildings throughout Rochester’s Center...