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Optimizing Chilled Water Plants with Mixed Energy Assets and Cogeneration Dynamics

Summary The dynamics of the “value” of electricity and steam vary with the ever changing dynamics of your campus’ cogeneration system and campus load profiles. When the cogeneration system is thermally limited in the summer the value of steam relative to electric assets is much different form...


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Integrated Approach to a Municipal Microgrid

Summary City of Freeport owns and operates its own electric service with over 70 MW of onsite generation. Part of the city falls under the new guidelines for flood zone. This presentation discusses the opportunity provided by integrated approach to a microgrid, mitigating risks with storm...


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Flipping Chilled Water Optimization, Train First

Summary Chilled Water optimization typically means making changes to the underlying control logic and setpoints within the plant control system. Finding the right balance of operating parameters can release a vast amount of hidden value and efficiency within your plant. What happens, though,...


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What is This Machine Learning Stuff, and How Can I Use it Today?

Summary There is a trending push right now for Machine Learning, with interest sparking from students, colleges, and industry leaders finding ways to apply in energy. Many Campuses have spent years with a focus to gather big data, and now we are asking ourselves what to do with it all. Machine...


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Data Driven Non Proprietary Plant Optimization: Case Studies

Speakers Travis Smith, Smith Engineering #ConferenceProceeding #CampusEnergyConference #Optimization #SmithEngineering #Data #Merck #Princeton #2014


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Princeton University 4,500 Ton Steam Turbine Chiller Control Panel Retrofit For Optimal Chiller/Turbine Control

Summary Princeton University replaced the OEM chiller control panel on its Carrier 17DA 4,500 ton steam turbine chiller. The chiller is the main ‘work horse’ of the central energy plant at Princeton University. The upgraded control panel provides improved operating capabilities and increased...


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End to End Chilled Water Optimization at the Merck West Point Site

Summary A discussion on how the Merck West Point site is utilizing a variety of strategies to optimize the central chilled water system while reducing building demand. Approaches included chiller plant optimization, real time hydraulic distribution monitoring, active building monitoring, master...