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UCI islands its microgrid from Southern California Edison grid

Electric Light & Power Summary The Advanced Power and Energy Program at the University of California , Irvine, in partnership with campus Facilities Management, successfully islanded the campus 20 MW-class microgrid from the Southern California Edison (SCE) grid. During the 1 hour...

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GE Unveils ‘World’s First Battery-Gas Turbine Hybrid System’

Kelvin Ross, Power Engineering International April 18, 2017 Summary GE and Southern California Edison (SCE) have unveiled what they claim is the “world’s first battery-gas turbine hybrid system”. The system in Norwalk, California, is the first of two units that GE has delivered for SCE...

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NRG Energy Has a Secretive Distributed Energy Optimization Platform, Called SpaceTag

Jeff St. John, Greentech Media April 14, 2017 Summary A stealthy, in-house analytics effort by NRG will link a 60-megawatt energy efficiency, demand response and thermal storage deployment for Southern California Edison. What’s the best combination of distributed resources for every...