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How Data Centres May Hold the Key to Creating a Sustainable City in the Digital Era

Energy Summary Stockholm Data Parks (SDP) represents an advanced infrastructure offering to the data centre industry; a partnership between it, district heating/cooling provider Stockholm Exergi , electricity distributor Ellevio , dark fibre provider Stokab and the ...

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DCD>Energy Smart: Stockholm Data Parks announces 30 MW campus

Peter Judge, DCD Summary Stockholm Data Parks has launched a new 30MW greenfield data center campus at Brista, 32km north of the city, and 8km from the Arlanda international airport. The new site, announced at DCD's Energy Smart event in Stockholm, is adjacent to a combined heat and power ...

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Asper Expands its Swedish District Heating Platform

Asper Investment Management Summary Asper Investment Management announced the signing of an agreement with the Swedish municipality of Ekerö for the building and operation of a new biomass-fueled district heating system across the municipality, following a competitive tendering process. ...

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How other cities are cutting emissions

Independent Summary Paul Melia takes a spin around the world to discover alternative ways we could improve our green credentials. While Ireland is not doing enough to tackle climate change, it has taken some steps to reduce emissions, with notable successes. More than 350,000 homes...

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This data center's excess heat will help warm thousands of homes

Stig Øyvann, ZDNet Digiplex and Stockholm Exergi say their large-scale heat reuse agreement is a world's first. Image: Åke Eson Lindman/Digiplex Summary A Stockholm data center's heat exchangers are being linked up to the city's heating network. Nordic data-center operator...

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DigiPlex plugs into district heating in Stockholm

Peter Judge, DataCenter Dynamics Summary Waste heat from established data center now goes to good use Nordic data center operator DigiPlex will connect its Stockholm data center to the local district heating system, providing enough hot air to warm 10,000 apartments, thanks to a deal...

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Optimizing Efficiency of CHP Plant with Add-On Heat Pump in Stockholm, Sweden

Speakers Kenneth Hoffman, GEA Refrigeration Technologies #ConferenceProceeding #CampusEnergyConference #Optimization #GEARefrigerationTechnologies #Stockholm #Sweden #HeatPumps #2014


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The city where the internet warms people's homes

Erin Biba, BBC Summary “The cloud” is a real place. The pictures you post on Instagram, the happy birthday wishes you leave on Facebook pages, and the TV shows you stream on Netflix aren’t living in a nebulous ball of condensation in the sky. They live on a massive series of servers – all...

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New data centre to re-use waste heat to warm 10,000 homes

Ashton Young, Data Center News Summary A new high-density data centre in Stockholm is set to boost Sweden’s ‘clean green’ image even further by reusing waste heat to warm homes. The announcement from Borderlight AB, supplier of advanced IT and Telecom services, revealed the facility will...

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Stockholm Pursues Climate Holy Grail: a Fossil Fuel-Free Future — Part 3: Clean Heat

John J. Berger, Huffpost June 1, 2017 Summary STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN—How did Stockholm’s energy transition begin? To properly answer that question, I went to talk with Gustaf Landahl, the head of the city’s Environment and Health Administration. Landahl has been at the vortex of the...