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Addressing Financial, Operational and Technical Issues of Aging-Coal Fired Steam System at UW

Summary This presentation will discuss the common issues related to aging campus infrastructure, evaluation of system performance, life cycle cost analysis of various solutions, and implementation of a viable solution for the University of Wyoming's heating and cooling infrastructure. Solution...


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Modernizing the DES in Canada's Capital

Summary Canada is committed to reducing GHG emissions. In Ottawa, the $2.6B (CAD) modernization of the DES connected to over 80 buildings, including the iconic Parliament Buildings, has begun. This talk will focus on the steps taken to plan the system expansion and the challenges faced along...


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Modeling Decisions for an Optimal Solution at University of Florida

Summary In an effort to develop an improved and resilient utility infrastructure, the University of Florida faced a number of crucial decisions. Addressing deferred maintenance, meeting future campus growth, partnership with a private utility and evaluating funding and phasing options were all...


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Detailed Monitoring and Engineering Oversight at Texas Tech

Summary A case study and review of operational improvements at Texas Tech that yielded significant energy savings ($2.06M) form optimizing the performance through continuous detailed monitoring and engineering oversight. Track 1D: Plant & System Optimization Speakers Ken Scheepers,...


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Powering Up: Inside the Design of the Supercomputer Frontera Installation at UT Austin

Summary System expansion using the university’s electrical and mechanical system within an active data center to provide power and cooling for the supercomputer. The electrical upgrade included high efficiency transformers, busways and associated electrical components for liquid cooled server...


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The Evolution of a Campus Chilled Water Distribution System

Summary Iowa State University developed a need to increase chilled water capacity on their west campus. This project installed a pair of a new 24-inch chilled water mains on the western portion of the campus under Bissell Road. By maintaining a utility master plan, ISU was able to leverage...


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Pushing Boundaries – Chilled Water Master Planning at the University of Denver

Summary With growth looming and a CHW system near its firm capacity, DU quickly needed to develop a strategy to expand its system while minimizing costly distribution work across their iconic campus. These limits led the engineering team to consider a new approach when charting the campus’...


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Discussion Seasonal Preparations and System Readiness

Session: Thermal Distribution Workshop Speaker Michael Schorsch, Lansing Board of Water and Light #ConferenceProceeding #CampusEnergyConference #2020 #ThermalDistribution #Workshop #SystemUpgrade


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NIU to update infrastructure

Ashley Dwy, Northern Star Summary With a budget of $3.7 million, the University aims to either improve or repair the critical electrical infrastructure that keeps the campus functioning. The next six years have the potential to be a significant improvement for facility investments in...

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College conducts tests for applicability of new geoexchange system

Andrew Sasser, The Dartmouth Summary As students walk across the Green over the next few days, they may notice another fenced-off, ongoing campus project. Earlier this week, the College commenced drilling wells on the Green to learn more about the viability of a geoexchange system at the...