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TECO Announces New Employees and Promotion

Press Release, Thermal Energy Corporation (TECO) Houston-based Thermal Energy Corp. (TECO) recently announced two new employees and a promotion. Michael Manoucheri, PE, has joined the company as vice president, engineering and maintenance. He will be responsible for TECO’s plant...

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Thermal Energy Corporation (TECO) continues operations during Hurricane Harvey

As of Tuesday, August 29, Hurricane Harvey has brought record amounts of rain, high winds, flooding and uncertainty to southwestern Texas and the city of Houston. FEMA Director Brock Long has already deemed it the worst natural disaster in Texas history. Local media report between 30 and 40...

Blog Entry
Hurricane Harvey Creates New Abnormal for the Electric Grid

Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge Summary Stories are just beginning to emerge about microgrids and distributed energy systems that are keeping critical services up and running despite Hurricane Harvey’s best efforts to do them in. Flooding at the Texas Medical Center. Courtesy of TECO ...

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Powering the TMC: TECO Cools and Heats the Texas Medical Center

Shanley Chien, TMC News June 6, 2017 Summary Behind a brown brick façade decorated with black and white double helixes—an homage to the district it serves—the Thermal Energy Corporation (TECO) is busy cooling and heating the Texas Medical Center. “In reality, we’re a big part of the med...