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A new Austin community will come standard with Tesla solar panels and batteries

Quartz Summary Elon Musk is continuing to grow his footprint in Texas by installing the latest version of Tesla’s solar roof on thousands of new homes. In early July, developers in Austin announced an entire neighborhood will be built with the third version of Tesla’s solar roof...

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Generation outages cause Texas grid scare once again

Power Engineering Summary The Texas power grid, which nearly collapsed due to generation outages during historic winter cold, is being stretched tight again. The culprit is not freezing temperatures which dropped to sub-zero for several days in February, but “tight grid conditions” caused...

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Beili Liu's Sculpture Cloud Pavilion Shimmers at Seaholm at Austin Energy's District Cooling Plant

The Austin Chronicle Summary This summer, Austin will unveil an ethereal steel sculpture that will bejewel its streets for the next 50 to 100 years. Made by Austin-based artist Beili Liu, the work offers a rare moment of stillness in a bustling hub of city life. Perched on a street called...

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City of Milpitas Launches Comprehensive Smart City Energy and Water Savings Program with ENGIE North America

ENGIE Summary The City of Milpitas announced today that it has begun construction on a comprehensive Smart City energy and water savings program with ENGIE North America, an energy leader accelerating North America’s transition toward a carbon neutral economy. Approved by Milpitas’ City...

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Texas Tried to Prepare for Crisis, Ended Up Sowing Confusion

Bloomberg Summary A few days before an energy crisis hit Texas, the state’s chief energy regulator issued an order to prioritize “human needs.” It sounded like a no-brainer: Divert natural gas supplies to homes and critical businesses and away from everything else deemed a lower priority. ...

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University of Texas to dim tower in solidarity with Austin community

KXAN Summary The University of Texas at Austin is one of the largest self-sustaining power grids in the country. The power plant on campus supplies almost 100% of the energy and thermal requirements for over 20 million square feet, according to the University of Texas website. ...

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CHP and Space Exploration

Southcentral & Upper-West CHP TAP Email Summary Did you know that NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center is utilizing the benefits of combined heat and power to ensure power reliability to operations? That's right! Combined heat and power helps support astronauts and the personnel and...

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Timeline Wall Brings History to Life at TECO and Seal Time Capsule for 2044 Opening

TECO Press Release Summary History has come to life at TECO as we wrap up the 50th anniversary of our district energy system. TECO installed a timeline wall that reflects how the idea for the system took root and grew into the award-winning system it is today. Located at TECO’s Central...

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Skanska's Bank of America Tower wins record-breaking LEED designation

Global Construction Review Summary Using 32% less energy than a typical office building, the Bank of America Tower built by Skanska in Houston has been recognised by US Green Building Council (USGBC) as the first LEED v4 Platinum Core & Shell certified project in the US. With a total...

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At Austin Energy's New Rainey Street Substation, 'Modern' Is the Look

James Rambin, TOWERS Summary The community engagement process for the design of a new downtown electrical substation at 55 East Avenue on the edge of the Rainey Street District has reached a conclusion — of the three themes put to a vote a couple of months ago, Austin Energy ...