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2019 Norm Taylor Award: John Andrepont

John Andrepont wins 2019 IDEA Norm Taylor Award At its 110 th Annual Conference in Pittsburgh, PA, the International District Energy Association (IDEA) presented the Norman R. Taylor Award to longtime member, John Andrepont of The Cool Solutions Company. The Norman R. Taylor Award is the...

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Current Trends in Thermal Energy Storage

Summary Thermal Energy Storage (TES) has long been used in District Cooling applications, including well over 100 university, medical, research, airport, and military campuses. Notable current and growing trends in TES applications will be examined through case studies, including examples of: ...


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Chilled Water Thermal Energy Storage: Providing Value Even in the Great White North

Summary Chilled water TES has long provided benefits for District Cooling in typical U.S. climates. Recently, its use has expanded in hot climates, e.g. in the MidEast, Malaysia, and Mexico. But what about Canada, with its cold climate and relatively short cooling season? Can chilled water TES...


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Enhancing Microgrid Performance and Economics with Energy Storage

Summary Microgrids provide efficiency, resiliency, flexibility, and integration of renewable power. Energy Storage (ES) enhances their resiliency & flexibility, and maximizes use of intermittent wind or solar. If microgrids are purely electric, ES defaults to batteries with low efficiency...


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Panel Discussion: Control of Chilled Water Thermal Energy Storage Tanks - Including Multiple Tanks

Summary Panel Discussion: Many campus District Cooling networks now use, or are considering to use of, Chilled Water (CHW) Thermal Energy Storage (TES). These tanks are atmospheric pressure (vented) vessels, which are coupled to pressurized CHW networks. Accordingly, care must be taken...


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Lessons Learned from 35 Years of Thermal Energy Storage Projects

Speakers John Andrepont, The Cool Solutions Company #CampusEnergyConference #2014 #ConferenceProceeding #ThermalEnergyStorage #TheCoolSolutionsCompany #Featured


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An Enormous Emerging Opportunity for District Cooling Developments

Speakers John Andrepont, The Cool Solutions Company #AnnualConference #ConferenceProceeding #2014 #DistrictCooling #TheCoolSolutionsCompany