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Plans unveiled for clean energy 'innovation campus'

World Nuclear News Summary Canadian company Kinectrics has announced plans to design, build and operate a collaborative clean energy innovation campus, Helius, which will amongst other things provide infrastructure needed to support the development, testing and commercialisation of small...

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Storing Heat Energy Offers $300bn Opportunity To Cut Carbon Emissions

Forbes Summary Thermal energy storage allows polluting industries to clean up and reduce emissions As the global energy system becomes increasingly electric – not just in power but transportation and heat, too – storing energy is going to play an ever more important role in ensuring that...

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Embrace the Architect - How TES Tanks Become Campus Landmarks

Summary Working with (instead of against) the campus Architect can result in a successful Thermal Energy Storage (TES) tank project that saves energy costs for the owner, and becomes a landmark for the campus. Learn how big TES tanks were built to enhance the campus appearance. Track 4C:...


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Optimization of Largest Sensible TES CHW System in Manhattan with Hudson River Heat Rejection

Summary Brookfield Place undertook a plant modernization of their 15,000 Ton CHW plant. The plant circa early 1980's was designed with (13) 280,000 gallon TES tanks, River heat rejection via 11 titanium PFHXs, and 47 CW/TES/CHW pumps. The plant, located 5 floors below grade in lower Manhattan...


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Thermal Energy Storage at Rockefeller Center

Summary 45 Rock housed a satellite plant with 30 y/o chillers. Study revealed opportunity to participate in utility demand management program, reducing peak demand at the Center. The plant was replaced with a 2,500 ton chiller plant and a 11,500 ton-hr ice storage plant integrated with a...


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Parallel TES Systems - In It to Twin It!

Summary At congested campuses, operating multiple TES systems on a single thermal hydronic loop has proven key to fulfilling the storied promise of load leveling, reduced demand costs and energy use, as well as enhanced resiliency, all at a small fraction of the cost of added thermal energy...


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Decarbonized District Energy Network for New Stanford Campus

Summary An energy masterplan determined the lowest life cycle cost to be an electrified district energy system with combined heating and cooling, 110F LTHW, and dual-temperature energy storage. The presentation will explain the energy model, operation of the system, and how this can be...


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UC Davis Chilled Water, Thermal Storage and Building Integrated Optimization Project

Summary UC Davis executed an integrated approach to campus energy reduction by combining chilled water plant and thermal storage system optimization with building controls optimization and a data-driven machine learning measurement and verification. The innovative procurement method required...


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Demonstration of Thermal Energy Storage at Kizildere Geothermal Plant, Turkey

ThinkGeoEnergy Summary As part of the EU-funded research project GeoSmart, a demonstration project on thermal energy storage will be set up at the Kizildere geothermal power plant of Zorlu Energy in Turkey. The EU-funded GeoSmart project aims to optimise and demonstrate innovations...

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Conference To Discuss Renewable Energy Sources In District Heating And Cooling

Balkan Green Energy News, Middle East Utilities Summary A conference on renewable energy sources in district heating and cooling systems, organized by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Federal Ministry of Finance of Austria, in partnership with the...