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UC Davis: Big Shift Toward Carbon-Neutral Future Steam Out, Hot Water In, To Heat Campus Buildings

Patch Summary Moving UC Davis toward a carbon-neutral future is kind of a big deal. And the construction project that is literally laying the groundwork to help the campus get there is big, too. In fact, we call it the Big Shift — a multiyear project on the Davis campus to shift to a...

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Integrating Solar Thermal and Biogas into an Innovative District Energy System Replacement

Summary UC Davis is designing a complete central heating and cooling plant replacement for their primate center campus, converting from steam to hot water and integrating a new solar thermal installation with 300 collectors via a water source heat pump plant with thermal storage. New boilers...


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UC Davis Chilled Water, Thermal Storage and Building Integrated Optimization Project

Summary UC Davis executed an integrated approach to campus energy reduction by combining chilled water plant and thermal storage system optimization with building controls optimization and a data-driven machine learning measurement and verification. The innovative procurement method required...


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UC Davis Recognized as Top University in U.S., Third in World in GreenMetric Rankings

The Sacramento Bee Summary The University of California in Davis has been ranked No. 1 in the United States in the 10th annual GreenMetric rankings of worldwide universities conducted by Universitas Indonesia. UI ranked UC Davis third globally, behind only Wageningen University Research in...

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UC Davis Path to Carbon Neutrality by 2025

Summary UC Davis continues its aggressive path toward carbon neutrality. The campus has invested heavily in hydropower, solar, and wind and is expected to receive about 70% of its electricity supply from renewable or carbon neutral sources in 2018. The campus is also continuing energy...


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District Energy Master Plan for UC Davis Primate Research Center

Summary The University of California, Davis completed a district energy master plan for its California National Primate Research Center (CNPRC). The study evaluated many alternatives with a life cycle cost analysis. Innovative solutions proposed to replace the aging steam infrastructure and...


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California state universities commit to 100% clean energy by 2025

Iulia Gheorghiu, Utility Dive Summary Dive Brief: California's public university system announced in earlier this month a commitment to 100% clean electricity supplies by 2025 , 20 years ahead of the goal that the state recently enacted. The University of California (UC),...

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Converting UC Davis Campus Steam to Carbon-Neutral Heating Water System

Summary Session Track 2D Speakers Michael Bove, Affiliated Engineers Joshua Morejohn, University of California Davis Colin Moyer, Affiliated Engineers #ConferenceProceeding #2018 #AnnualConference #HotWater #AffiliatedEngineers #UniversityofCaliforniaDavis


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Case Studies in West Coast Community Energy: Stanford University, UCDSC, and the University of Washington

Speakers Nate Cesarz & Bruce McLay, Affiliated Engineers #AnnualConference #ConferenceProceeding #2014 #CampusEnergy #StanfordUniversity #UniversityofCaliforniaDavis #California #AffiliatedEngineers #Sacramento #Seattle #Washington #PaloAlto #CaseStudy #HeatRecovery

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Solar Thermal Optimization for District Hot Water Through Energy Modeling

Summary The University of California's Carbon Neutrality Initiative has prompted the Davis to embark on a campus wide steam to hot water conversion project. With a new district heating system they aim to leverage renewable energy through large-scale solar thermal. Using energy modeling...