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Smoke Filled Forecast for Wildfire Risk

The Islands' Sounder Summary During a pandemic, it can be difficult to prepare for a future disaster. When a crisis exists in our mind rather than our eyes, it is easy for it to fade like smoke on the horizon. But the horizon may be filled with smoke soon this fire season, and fire seasons...

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Optimizing Renewable Energy Sources for Campus District Energy

Summary A biomass combined heat-and-power system is being designed to be the core component of a University's campus Central Utility Plant, complementing a suite of other renewable energy infrastructure that includes geothermal heating and solar PV. The CUP is anticipated to serve as a...


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District Heating with Modern Wood Energy in the American West

Summary Where forest resources abound, woody biomass provides a locally-appropriate renewable energy solution to conventional fossil fuel systems. Site conditions, client objectives, and available wood fuels guide the design of biomass applications, and make for projects that are both unique...