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Microgrid Resiliency Initiatives at Yale University

Summary Yale University's two microgrids have run through hurricanes, winter storms and everything in between. Along the way the University has developed a series of innovative solutions for enhancing the electrical resiliency of these systems: fast bus transfer, auto throwover, automated load...


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Peak Load Shaving Analysis for Yale New Haven Hospital

Summary Through use of a 2.5 MW natural gas generator for peak shaving, an annual savings of ~$500,000 is achievable by reducing demand charges on the grid for a university hospital campus. This design, which yields a net present savings greater than $7,000,000 with an 18.5% ROI, was compared...


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The Devil’s in the Details: Yale University Microgrid Reliability Upgrades and Commissioning Best Practices

Summary Since 2010, Yale University has built a new cogeneration plant, repowered and old cogenerations plant, and vastly expanded our centralized emergency power system. During (and sometimes as a result of!) these projects, we’ve spent hours in the switchgear rooms trying to figure out what...


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CHP Project Delivery Options

Summary This presentation will outline then compare and contrast the typical project delivery mechanisms for district energy related central plant projects. Focusing on combined heat & power projects, we will explore the typical project delivery methods including design-build, EPC, and...


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