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Hydronic Flow and Energy Metering: Best Practices for Selecting and Installing the RIGHT Metering Technology 

10-11-2018 15:54

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Hydronic Flow and Energy Metering: Best Practices for Selecting and Installing the RIGHT Metering Technology


Accurate flow and energy measurement is not only a good practice, but a requirement to efficiently operate today’s highly complex and variable hydronic thermal energy systems. 

Whether you are managing an entire facility, optimizing a central energy plant or designing a plant for the for the next campus expansion, the accurate measurement of the existing utilities is paramount in making the decisions required to run your current system or design the future one.  Achieving accurate flow measurement begins with selecting the right technology for the application, installing the meter correctly and ends with getting the information back to the BAS / EMS.  There are a number of metering technologies available, each having strengths and weaknesses when associated with certain applications.   Factors such as the variation in flow, type of piping system, piping configuration and water quality all play a role in selecting the right technology.

This webinar will take a cursory look at the type of hydronic applications requiring accurate flow and energy measurement, how to select the correct flow metering technology for the application, installation do’s and don’ts and integration suggestions that will help you achieve the results you want from your flow and energy measurement program.


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Melvin Berrios is an Applications and Technical Support Engineer for ONICON Incorporated. He has been with ONICON for over 3 years. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering Technology. His experience includes industrial machinery commissioning, PLC and HMI programming, and electronics PCB design.

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Barry Dunham is the Director of HVAC Market Development for ONICON Incorporated and Air Monitor Corporation. His design experience includes mechanical, electrical and energy engineering. Some past projects have involved a wide range of scope in multi-discipline engineering systems such as chillers, cooling towers, energy management systems, and thermal energy storage and data centers. Responsibilities also include compliance with LEED® related efforts.

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As a member of the Sales and Applications Engineering team at ONICON, Kat Liegl specializes in answering technical questions about flow and energy measurement. She holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a BA in International Relations. Her background includes nautical design, design lab management and teaching. Kat is a member of the Florida West Coast Chapter of ASHRAE.


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