Conference Proceedings

Annual Conference Proceedings

IDEA2019: The Energy for More Resilient Cities

June 24-27, Pittsburgh, PA

IDEA2018: Local Solutions, Global Impact

June 11-14, Vancouver, BC, Canada

IDEA2017: Sustaining Our Success

June 26-29, Scottsdale, AZ

IDEA2016: Embracing Change

June 20-23, St. Paul, MN

IDEA2015: Inspiring the Next Generation

June 27-July 1, Boston, MA

IDEA2014: Moving Community Energy Forward

June 8-11, Seattle, WA

IDEA2013: Building on Efficiency, Delivering Value

June 2-5, Miami, FL

IDEA2012: Cooler, Cleaner Cities

June 29-July 2, Chicago, IL

IDEA2011: Essential Infrastructure for Energy-Efficient Communities

June 26-29, Toronto, ON

IDEA2010: Creating an Efficient Energy Future

June 13-16, Indianapolis, IN

IDEA2009: Local Energy, Global Solution

June 28-July 1, Arlington, VA

IDEA2008: Sustain, Energize & Grow

June 29-July 1, Orlando, FL

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International District Cooling Conference Proceedings

DistrictCooling2018: Efficient Energy for Smarter Cities

December 9-11, Dubai, UAE

districtCOOLING2016: A Climate Solution

November 13-15, Dubai, UAE

districtCOOLING2014: Cleaner Energy, Greener Cities

December 14-16, Dubai, UAE

2010 International District Cooling Conference: District Cooling: Greener Buildings, Smarter Grid

November 8-9, Doha, Qatar

2009 International District Cooling Conference: Optimizing Assets: Efficiency, Reliability & Maximizing Returns

October 11-13, Dubai, UAE

2008 International District Cooling Conference: Essential Infrastructure, Sustainable City

October 19-21, Dubai, UAE

International District Cooling Symposium

October 28-30, Dubai, UAE

International District Cooling Conference

January 14-17, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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CampusEnergy Proceedings

CampusEnergy2020: The Power to Change

February 10-14, Denver, CO


February 26-March 1, New Orleans, LA

CampusEnergy2018: Sharing Solutions, Sustaining Our Future

March 5-9, Baltimore, MD

CampusEnergy2017: A Sustainable Future

February 20-24, Miami, FL

CampusEnergy2016: The Changing Landscape

February 8-12, Austin, TX

CampusEnergy2015: Clean Energy for the Next Generation

February 9-13, Denver, CO

Campus Energy 2014

February 18-21, Atlanta, GA

CampusEnergy2013: Clean Energy for Campus and Community

February 18-22, San Diego, CA

CampusEnergy2012: Innovations in Clean Energy

February 6-9, Arlington, VA

CampusEnergy2011: Cleaner Energy, Greener Campus

February 22-25, Miami, FL

CampusEnergy2010: Repowering the Future

February 9-12, Reno, NV

CampusEnergy2009: Today's Solution for Tomorrow's Climate Challenges

February 10-13, Chapel Hill, NC

Campus Energy 2008

February 11-12, Cambridge, MA

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Canadian Conference Proceedings

evolvingENERGY 2015

December 7-10, Vancouver, BC

evolvingENERGY 2014

October 28-10, Toronto, ON

CDEA Annual Conference 2012

June 13-15, Ottawa, ON

Microgrid Conference Proceedings

Microgrid 2.0

October 29-31, Baltimore, MD

Microgrid 2017

November 6-7, Boston, MA

Microgrid Summit 2016

December 7, Washington, D.C.


Other Proceedings