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Burns & McDonnell Awarded EPC Contract for West Texas Storage Projects

Utility Dive Summary Burns & McDonnell was selected by LG Energy Solution and Sustainable Environmental Renewable (SER) Capital Partners to provide engineer-procure-construct (EPC) services for three 10-megawatt/20 megawatt-hour lithium-ion, stand-alone battery energy storage ...

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Microgrid in Hawaii Provides Stability in Stages

Burns & McDonnell Summary Microgrids have the potential to serve as laboratories during the world’s ongoing transition toward a decarbonized economy. They also may have the ability to improve grid stability and resiliency in the long run, by design — an attractive feature that has become...

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Interconnection, Islanding and Black Start Do's and Don'ts

Track: Microgrid Workshop Speaker Michael Dempsey, Burns & McDonnell #CampusEnergyConference #ConferenceProceeding #2020 #Microgrids #Workshop #BurnsandMcDonnell


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Integrated Approach for Control Room and Human Machine Interface Design

Summary For many facilities, control room and human machine interface design are not performed in a coordinated and integrated manner. This approach often leads to sub-optimal results that can increase the likelihood of human error and reduction of plant availability. This presentation will...


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Thermal Infrastructure Planning, Rehabilitation, & Expansion at the University of South Alabama

Summary With an aging thermal utility system, the University of South Alabama knew that to meet future expansion needs, significant system wide thermal utility upgrades would be required. The University started with implementing projects that would show fast energy savings allowing for quick ...


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Denver International Airport's Chiller Replacement - Navigating Unpredictable Construction

Summary DEN’s CUP maintains continuous chilled water operations to the complex and critical users. Despite extensive planning, several issues have arisen during construction that have challenged the team to maintain progress and budget. Learn how DEN and team has faced challenges with...


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Gainesville Regional Utilities: The importance of Revisiting a Utility Master Plan

Summary The value of a masterplan is most valuable on the day it is published and needs to be continuously re-visited to maintain that value. This presentation will demonstrate why revisiting the Masterplan as campus plans change can result in changes to the original concept and a more...


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Lessons Learned: Chilled Water Distribution Upgrade at Oklahoma State University

Track: Thermal Distribution Workshop Speakers Justin Grissom, Burns & McDonnell Phil Curley, Oklahoma State University James Rosner, University of Denver #CampusEnergyConference #ConferenceProceeding #2020 #ThermalDistribution #Workshop #UniversityofDenver ...


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Pushing Boundaries – Chilled Water Master Planning at the University of Denver

Summary With growth looming and a CHW system near its firm capacity, DU quickly needed to develop a strategy to expand its system while minimizing costly distribution work across their iconic campus. These limits led the engineering team to consider a new approach when charting the campus’...


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Burns & McDonnell Launches 1898 & Co. - A New Future-Focused Consultancy Arm

Burns & McDonnell Summary KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Burns & McDonnell is launching its first new brand in the firm’s history with 1898 & Co. , a future-focused consulting and technology solutions arm to deliver on clients’ biggest challenges. The new brand is poised to focus...