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The Energy Budget

Summary A structured and self-financed plan to reduce City Energy. Every country, city, town and factory should have a specific energy budget. That budget would not be set by politicians but by independent elected or appointed energy governors similar to a Central Bank Governor - which will be...


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Profitability Thresholds of Resilient Microgrids and How to Exceed Them

Summary A new 85 kW PV solar plant will begin operating this fall in the Houston Advanced Research Center headquarters. Located in The Woodlands (Texas), the influence of severe weather events such as floods and hurricanes in the building’s energy demand and its operations will be discussed for...


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Value of Energy Resiliency in Military Microgrids for Energy Security

Summary Value of energy resiliency has been the point of interest among policy makers in recent years. The nature of assessing criticality, mission, facilities, and appropriations (accounting OpEx/CapEx) as discrete elements have produced significant inefficiencies and consequences from the...


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Design Build Construction: Streamlining Distributed Generation & CHP based Microgrids

Summary A review of multiple CHP & Distributed Generation projects that utilized design-build contracts to reduce cost and accelerate schedule. These projects provide facilities with the means to provide power during normal and emergency conditions while simultaneously providing cost...


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A Case Study for a Sustainable Microgrid: The International Institute for Peace and Sustainable Development in Malaysia

Summary The International Institute for Peace and Sustainable Development (IIPSD) is a specialty university campus being developed in Malaysia that will focus on an energy and environmental sustainability curriculum. The IIPSD will be carbon-negative and constructed using state-of-the-art green...


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A Hybrid Business Model for NY-Prize Community Microgrids

Summary Over the past few years, National Grid has been working with multiple microgrid developers in the first two stages of the NY-Prize. In the second stage, National Grid and four of these developers have been navigating regulatory challenges that will lay the groundwork for the...


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Solar + Combined Heat & Power for Increased Resilience & Productivity

Summary The Schneider Electric Foxboro, MA facility experienced a full day shutdown and loss of productivity in 2017 due to power outage – even though it had a back-up generator. This session will discuss how integrating an advanced microgrid with solar PV and combined heat and power through...


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Integrated Approach to a Municipal Microgrid

Summary City of Freeport owns and operates its own electric service with over 70 MW of onsite generation. Part of the city falls under the new guidelines for flood zone. This presentation discusses the opportunity provided by integrated approach to a microgrid, mitigating risks with storm...


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Regulatory and Financial Engineering for Microgrids

Summary Microgrids often face multiple regulatory hurdles under state energy regulation and may have limited access to markets for services that they can provide to the grid while also serving their included load. They also can present financing challenges, in part because of the limited...

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County program to help property owners finance energy efficiency projects

Rome Sentinel Summary A range of energy efficiency measures can be included for participants in a new sustainable energy loan program that [Oneida County, New York] is establishing, according to a Board of Legislators announcement. Among the potential measures are lighting, insulation and air...