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ABB touchscreen paperless recorder gets powerful new features

Press Release, Armitage Communications New functions for RVG200 touchscreen paperless data recorder help users to get even more from their process data ABB has expanded the capabilities of its RVG200 paperless touchscreen recorder with the addition of new functions providing users with...

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Expanding Delta T in Enwave's Cooling System

Summary Enwave’s Deep Lake Water Cooling System is continuing to grow and attract customers throughout the fastest growing city in North America. This growth presents a welcome challenge to look to creative ways to leverage existing assets and optimize operations. This presentation will...


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Evolution of a Deep Lake Water Cooling System

Summary Enwave’s Deep Lake Water Cooling System is continuing to grow and attract customers throughout the fastest growing city in North America. Though keeping up with demand for this precious resource is a welcome challenge, it is still a challenge none the less. This requires a vision of...


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District Cooling Marches on in Dubai

Summary This presentation discusses the district cooling market in Dubai, featuring the Emirates Towers case study. Speakers Samer Khoudeir, Empower Tariq Al Yasi, Empower #2015 #AnnualConference #ConferenceProceeding #DistrictCooling #Empower #MiddleEast #Dubai ...

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Micro Grid - Harding, Expansion and Maintenance - Sustainable Approach to Resiliency

Summary Since New York University has embarked on a Greening of the Campus. First was the re-powering of the 1960 Co generation system and expansion of the 4160V Micro Grid system. During the Super Storm Sandy the system remained operational and rode through the Manhattan power outage. After...

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Central Plant Retro-commissioning at Boston Logan International Airport

Summary Sebesta has worked with Massport for the past three years planning, designing, and implementing a retro-commissioning project at Massport’s central plant, reducing energy consumption and GHG emissions by 30%. This Case Study will provide an overview of the Retro-commissioning process...


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Optimization through the Perfect Plant Design

Summary Optimum Energy will be presenting on chilled water system optimization and methods to enhance traditional variable speed controls through sustainable design best-practices. Achieving peak system operational performance is a journey that starts at plant design and is maintained through...


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Primary Heating/Cooling Plant Strategies and How to Maximize the Energy and Financial Savings

Summary Strategies to improve efficiency of central heating and cooling plants applicable to single building as well as multiple buildings in a campus setting include optimization of central plant’s location, configuration, equipment, arrangement, operating parameters, primary utilities and...


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Bridgeport CT Community Energy Thermal Network using Fuel cells and Waste-to-Energy

Summary This presentation discusses the Bridgeport, Connecticut story about creating a thermal network using fuel cells and waste-to-energy. Speaker Dan Donovan, NuPower #2015 #AnnualConference #ConferenceProceeding #CommunityEnergy #NuPowerThermal #Bridgeport #Connecticut ...


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Longer lasting manual actuators in steam and water distribution valves

Summary Manual valve actuators on steam and water distribution system valves have a short life due to the corrosive environment. Currently their materials do not match the materials used in the valves. This presentation would review new technology available in corrosion protection and sealing...