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Mayors tout the importance of energy efficiency in meeting climate goals

David Robeiro, ACEEE Summary At the North American Climate Summit this month in Chicago, city officials from several countries recognized energy efficiency as an important emissions reduction strategy. Many described how they are making it part of their climate action plans. The summit...

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District heating: has its time come?

Meaghan Beatley, Summary D ue to its reliance on renewable energy sources, district heating is becoming a preferred energy saving solution. One of the biggest challenges, however, is convincing homeowners of the long-term value of retrofitting buildings to accommodate the smart...

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Biomass and Fuel Flexible CHP/District Energy Systems

Summary CHP based district energy systems provide reliable energy for mission critical facilities and adding fuel flexibility by incorporating biomass into the system can increase resiliency. This presentation uses examples from campuses, hospitals, cities and military bases to show best...


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VIDEO: An exclusive look at Surrey’s expanding district energy system

Amy Reid, Surrey Now-Leader Surrey’s District Energy Manager Jason Owen at the construction site of what will be Surrey’s first district energy centre. Summary While highrises and other new developments pop up all over the City Centre area, the changes to the landscape are impossible to...

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Report advocates district heating incentives for Dubliners

Diarmaid Williams, Decentralized Energy Summary Dublin City Council has released a report advocating incentives be given to city residents to encourage take up of the city’s proposed new district heating network. The report by Victor Coe, a senior executive engineer with Dublin city...

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Building Resiliency Task Force Report

Summary The Building Resiliency Task Force Report provides 33 actionable proposals for making New York buildings and residents better prepared for the next extreme weather event. Convened in 2013 at the request of the City of New York following Superstorm Sandy, 200-plus task force...


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The ultra-efficient, hidden heat source for Amazon's new HQ

Heather Clancy, GreenBiz Jordan Stead/Amazon The equipment supporting the unique heating system at Amazon's new Seattle campus are hidden by a rooftop facade. Summary Historically speaking, the concept of district heating is far from new — the village of Chaudes-Aigues...

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Empower Emphasizes Key Role of District Cooling in Meeting Decarbonization Targets Under UAE Transformation Map

Press Release, Albawaba District cooling’s significant contribution to the global initiative towards energy efficiency, if incorporated from the planning stage of infrastructure development, could address a crucial aspect of the UAE’s key targets in its transformation, said Ahmad Bin Shafar,...

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The super-efficient heat source hidden below Amazon's Seattle headquarters

Amazon Blog Summary Thanks to a collaboration across city agencies, engineers, a “carrier hotel” and others, Amazon’s newest building is heated by recycling excess energy from a neighboring data center. Compared to traditional heating methods, this approach is nearly four times more efficient...

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Bosnia and Herzegovina turns up the heat with biomass

Priyanka Shrestha, Energy Live News Summary A renewable power plant made up of 10 biomass boilers will heat homes and businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The city of Banja Luka has secured loans worth €8.4 million (£7.5bn) from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development ...