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Evaluating District Energy Options (WKS1.4_JOHNSTONE.pdf)

Henry Johnstone, GLHN Architects and...Engineers

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Evaluating District Energy Options

Speakers Henry Johnstone, GLHN Architects and...Engineers #AnnualConference


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Water-Energy-Air conditioning Nexus in Southern Arizona

Summary This presentation reviews southern Arizona's water flow path from source to use in electric energy generation and air conditioning heat rejection to reclamation and disposal. Two current examples of municipal scale reclamation and reuse of treated effluent in evaporation in electric...


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Evaluating Your Options

Speaker Henry Johnstone, GLHN Architects and...Engineers #AnnualConference


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Integration of District Energy in Planned Mixed Use, High Density Urban Development

Speakers Henry Johnstone, GLHN Architects & Engineers #2014 #AnnualConference #ConferenceProceeding #DistrictEnergyinCities #GLHNArchitectsandEngineers #Copenhagen #Netherlands #Screening


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Central Plant Energy Management at the University of Arizona

Speakers Mark St. Onge, University of Arizona Henry Johnstone, GLHN Architects & Engineers #ConferenceProceeding #CampusEnergyConference #2014 #UniversityofArizona #Arizona #GLHNArchitectsandEngineers

5C.3_Johnstone_ St Onge.pdf

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Red Light, Green Light: Obstacles and Successes of Recent District Energy Systems with Combined Heat and Power

Summary District energy (DE) with combined heat and power (CHP) offers many potential benefits to college and university campuses, including energy cost savings and reduced CO2 emissions. At the same time, a potential DE-CHP system may look promising initially but be thwarted due to several...

2B.2_Johnstone, Kolwey_FINAL.pdf

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Long Range Utility Planning in an Evolving Energy Environment

Summary Considerable changes in the energy environment at the University of Wyoming in recent years have led to re-examination of its fundamental long range utility planning constructs. This presentation outlines the evolution of the central steam at the Laramie campus, from fuel oil and...


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Symposium: Energy - Water District Cooling Nexus for Arid Regions

Summary The presentation compares the magnitude of water and energy in urban cooling in Phoenix and Dubai. A simple graphic method is used to depict the flow of water, fuel, and electric energy from source to final consumption. Imbedded costs of water-in-energy, energy-in-water, and energy...