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Combined Cycle Power a Bridge to Shift Energy Paradigm to New & Renewables

News World Korea District Heating Corp. (KDHC) President Kim Kyung-won (Photo: KDHC) Summary Korea District Heating Corp. (KDHC) President Kim Kyung-won said, “Eco-friendly combined cycle power plants need to serve as a ‘bridge’ along the road of an energy paradigm shift from...

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Seoul-ar City: South Korean capital investing US$1.5bn for 1GW of PV

Amanda Lennon, PVTech Rooftop solar in Xiamen. Summary South Korean capital Seoul plans to invest US$1.55 billion in a solar plan which aims to install 1GW of PV generation capacity by 2022, according to local sources. “Solar City Seoul” will involve the undertaking of seven initiatives...

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SC Engineering signs $34 mn power plant deal in Thailand

Lee Young-wook and Lee Ha-yeon, Pulse by Maeil Business News Korea Summary South Korea’s industrial plant constructor SC Engineering Corp. has clinched a 36.9 billion won ($33.6 million) worth deal to supply equipment to a power plant in Thailand with Doosan Heavy Industries &...

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KDHC Spearheads New, Renewable Energy Development

News World A view of the KDHC pavilion during the Korea Energy Show 2017 that took place at the KINTEX from Sept. 19 to 22. Summary The Korea District Heating Corp. (KDHC) is considered to be synonymous with the Korean community energy industry. The predecessor of the KDHC...

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A case study of cogeneration system deployment and the assessment about the optimal capacity design of it for the apartment complex

Summary The real operating conditions of cogeneration systems for an apartment complex are investigated and the successful factors or the causes of failure in real application are analyzed in terms of energy loads, system capacity and the maintenance conditions etc. The simulation for the...

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Performance Analysis on CHP Plant Using Back Pressure Turbine According to Return Termperature Variant

Summary Results are shared in this discussion from a performance analysis of CHPs. Speaker Jong Jun Lee, Korea District Heating Association #2016 #AnnualConference #SouthKorea #AsiaPacific #ConferenceProceeding #KoreaDistrictHeatingCorporation #CHP #Data


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Improving Heat Supply Forecast Using Heat Demand Characteristics Analysis

Summary A Study on the Improvement for Heat Supply Forecast using the Analysis of Heat Demand Characteristics. Speakers Jae Seung Lee, Korea District Heating Corporation Jong Jun Lee, Korea District Heating Corporation #Data #KoreaDistrictHeatingCorporation #CampusEnergy ...


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The Political, Economic & Social Context

Summary This session presents an overview of trends shaping DE deployment including nodal development and integration of renewables as well as major economic, social and environmental drivers influencing growth. Country specific presentations are provided for Canada, S. Korea and the UK. ...


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The study on the effect of each District Heating Substation Return Temperature on the Electricity production Opportunity Cost

Summary It has been thirty years since District Heating system was introduced to Korea. As of the end of 2015, approximately 2.5 million households, about 16% of the total heating consumption, are using DH and 35 DH companies are operating district heating projected. Currently, the user's...


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Suggestion for new heat tariff assessment of district heating system by exergy

Summary In this study, the exergy could be reflected on energetic and economic value was used to assess on heat tariff of district heating(DH) system instead of enthalpy. As a result of exergy analysis for a district heating substation, supply temperature, maximum difference between supply and...