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University of Minnesota: Leading by Example

University of Minnesota Summary Contractors finished installing solar panels on a steel canopy above a dull parking lot next to the University of Minnesota’s Law School in 2019. They covered an empty green space next to the parking lot—and Mondale Hall’s rooftop—with panels, making the...

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University of Minnesota SE Heating Plant Controls Upgrade Success Story

Summary The University of Minnesota increased resiliency on their campus by migrating legacy control systems for their Southeast Heating Plant while integrating SCADA controls into their newly commissioned CHP plant. Track 4E: Metering, Monitoring, Controls & Data Management ...


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Trigeneration at University of Minnesota: Installation of a Modern Absorption Chiller

Summary Utilizing the benefits of a recently added combustion turbine with heat recovery, the University of Minnesota considered multiple options for additional cooling capacity. NV5 teamed with the University to meet this requirement. Based on favorable life cycle cost analysis and...


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Meet the Main Energy Plant: a hidden world reducing University emissions

Natalie Rademacher, Minnesota Daily Summary Tucked away near the Mississippi River over by Sanford Hall lies the University of Minnesota’s Main Energy Plant, which is responsible for supplying energy to the Minneapolis campus. The plant uses a unique combined heat and power system that is...

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UMN Distribution Piping Assessment Utilizing Advanced Guided Wave Technology

Summary The University of Minnesota (UMN) wanted to assess their underground distribution system to evaluate corrosion degradation. The underground system is composed of a buried “pipe within a pipe” system similar to Ric-Will or Perma-Pipe type construction. Since the system is direct buried...


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Ever-Green Energy Announces Winners of Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality Program

Ashley Aram, University of Minnesota Morris Summary Saint Paul, Minn.—Ever-Green Energy today announced that the College of Saint Benedict, the University of St. Thomas and the University of Minnesota Morris have been selected for the organization's Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality program ....

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Greener, more-powerful co-generation energy plant at University of Minnesota is proxy for a more-efficient, job-producing economy

Neal St. Anthony, Star Tribune Summary The born-again, century-old “Old Main Heating Plant” on the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota is a proxy for a greener Minnesota’s economy. That’s a job-producing, smog-reducing trend that also combats climate change that’s warming the...

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CampusEnergy2018 Student Video Contest Winner: University of Minnesota

Summary Launched in 2012, the Campus Energy Student Video Contest challenges students from IDEA member institutions to create a short video about their campus energy plant, focused on district energy and/or combined heat and power (CHP). The 2018 winner from the University of Minnesota...

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UMN Energy Plant Wins Sustainable Minnesota Construction Association Award

School Construction News The new Main Energy Plant at UMN is 83 percent energy efficient — more than double the efficiency of a coal-fired power plant. Photo Credit (all): University of Minnesota Summary The University of Minnesota (UMN) in Minneapolis just completed a project so...

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Powering the future from remains of the past

This article appears in the Q1 2018 edition of District Energy Magazine Facing a boiler capacity shortage, the University of Minnesota rehabilitated a retired, antiquated steam plant into a model of modern efficiency and sustainability. The University of Minnesota Twin Cities...