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New solar generation research facility in the works near UW

Casper Star Tribune Summary A technology company envisions transforming the University of Wyoming into a beacon for solar energy innovation nationwide. The new firm, called 9H Energy Development LLC , has ambitious plans to create a solar generation research facility three miles...

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Addressing Financial, Operational and Technical Issues of Aging-Coal Fired Steam System at UW

Summary This presentation will discuss the common issues related to aging campus infrastructure, evaluation of system performance, life cycle cost analysis of various solutions, and implementation of a viable solution for the University of Wyoming's heating and cooling infrastructure. Solution...


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Long Range Utility Planning in an Evolving Energy Environment

Summary Considerable changes in the energy environment at the University of Wyoming in recent years have led to re-examination of its fundamental long range utility planning constructs. This presentation outlines the evolution of the central steam at the Laramie campus, from fuel oil and...