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Latvian city invests in solar district heating

Press Release, Arcon-Sunmark The city of Salaspils in Latvia will from the second half of 2019 benefit from a major investment in solar district heating. The visionary project is backed by EU and also includes several other upgrades of the energy supply in Salaspils. The entire project will be...

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Energy Policies of IEA Countries Denmark 2017 Review

Summary The International Energy Agency (IEA) has been conducting in-depth country reviews since 1976. A core activity, the process of review by peers, not only supports member countries’ energy policy development and mutual learning, but it also encourages the exchange of international best...


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Geothermal heat in district heating systems crucial for Denmark to reach climate targets

Alexander Richter, Think Geoenergy Drilling rid on site for Thisted-5 well in Denmark (source: WellPerform) Summary In a guest post for Danish District Heating (Danske Fjernvarme), Lars Andersen, Director at Danish company Geoop, argues that geothermal is necessary if Denmark plans to...

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Copenhagen to host massive climate conference involving 96 different cities

Ross McPherson, CPH Post Online Students, parents and children fight for the future of the world (photo: flickr/ Summary Copenhagen will host the C40 Mayors Summit – an important climate conference where representatives from the 96 most environmentally-conscious cities will...

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The Role And Potential For Solar Thermal In Future Energy Systems

Kenneth Hansen and Brian Vad Mathiesen, Science Trends Summary The necessary reductions in greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere need to occur within the next decades. During that period, significant renewable energy volumes will be installed, but the challenge is which technologies...

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Aalborg CSP A/S cuts ribbon on high-performance solar heating plant in Denmark

Press Release, Aalborg CSP Danish renewable energy specialist, Aalborg CSP A/S has today (30 June) in collaboration with the client, Smørum Kraftvarme A.m.b.A. inaugurated a brand new 11,312m 2 solar district facility in Smørum, the capital area of Denmark. The plant, which has during test...

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Aalborg CSP opens new solar heating plant in Denmark

Robin Whitlock, Renewable Energy Magazine Courtesy of Aalborg CSP Summary The plant covers an area of 11,312 square metres and is the fifth solar thermal system constructed by Aalborg CSP in Denmark so far. It has, so far, exceeded expectations in tests and consists of flat panels that can...

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AP Moller Holdings teaming up with Danfoss for geothermal heating development in Denmark

Alexander Richter, Think Geoenergy Winter view in Copenhagen, Denmark (source: flickr/ Kristoffer Trolle, creative commons) Summary In an release shared today, Danish company AP Moller Holdings, the investment arm of the A.P. Moller Foundation, connected to one of the largest shipping...

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District Heating Falls to its Lowest Price Ever in Denmark

Jason Deign, Greentech Media Photo Credit: Shutterstock Summary Figures released this month show the cost of district heating has fallen to its lowest-ever level in Denmark. Cheap renewable energy was not directly responsible for the milestone, however. Instead, low spot market prices,...

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Waste Heat: Innovators Turn to an Overlooked Renewable Resource

Nicola Jones, YaleEnvironment360 Summary Nearly three-quarters of all the energy produced by humanity is squandered as waste heat. Now, large businesses, high-tech operations such as data centers, and governments are exploring innovative technologies to capture and reuse this vast renewable...