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Efficient use of district heating boosts cost-effectiveness

Smart Energy International Summary Wholly owned by the Danish city of Brønderslev, the Brønderslev Forsyning A/S holding company is responsible for the district heating and water supply, as well as for wastewater treatment. Brønderslev Forsyning A/S is a pioneer in the field of smart energy...

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Evaluating Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) in Corrosion-Prone Environments

Summary This presentation will detail the results of a 6-month corrosion under insulation study that was designed to replicate a real-world, corrosion-prone environment. The testing focus was expanded beyond individual system components and isolated variables to encompass the impact and...


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Power Struggle: Iowa Muni Campaign Heats Up Ahead of Public Vote

Karen Uhlenhuth, Energy News Network Summary In a northeastern Iowa community, voters will weigh in on whether to replace its investor-owned electric company with a municipal utility. Voters in Decorah, Iowa, will decide May 1 whether they want the city to move ahead with a proposal to...

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Tower Tech is Advancing Technology to Meet the Needs of an Ever-changing Environment

Press Release, Tower Tech OKLAHOMA CITY - March 20, 2018 - At the annual AHR Expo in Chicago, Illinois, Tower Tech introduced a new Split Cell cooling tower. The innovative Split Cell design enables any modular size cooling tower to be utilized at a reduced cooling load using simple motor...

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Hydronic systems vs. Steam systems

Patrick Lach, Maxi-Therm When deciding on the distribution source for heating buildings in a campus or healthcare setting, many engineers will design a primary /secondary loop the buildings and mechanical rooms. The question is what to use as a primary heating source–hot water hydronic or steam...

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How the Connected Plant Impacts Modern Power Plant Operations

Summary Historically, control systems provided limited visibility into power-plant performance. With the convergence of information-technology (IT) and operational-technology (OT) systems, and the increase of intelligent devices, the ecosystem of data in a generation facility is greatly...


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CMCE Lightning Suppressor

Summary Tesla realized 100 years ago that the Franklin Lightning Rod was flawed. In Europe they have been using a device that originated from a Tesla patent that instead of channeling a lightning strike to ground (lightning rod) it eliminates upward streamers by continually balancing charges...


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Low Cost, High Impact Energy Reduction in Existing Campus Buildings

Summary Campus thermal and electrical loads can be sharply reduced on the demand side through optimization of existing building stock. The focus doesn't always have to be on expensive retrofits, as often there is much opportunity through the resequencing and programming of existing controls...


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What We've Learned About Biofilms

Summary Previous to 2005, there was very little understanding about the true nature of biofilms in HVAC related aquatic environments. However, once a causal link between biofilms and the presence of Legionella pneumophila was established serious research efforts began to study the core nature...


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Slovenia’s Petrol lands district heating digitalization project in Austria

Balkan Green Energy News Summary Slovenian energy group Petrol has signed an agreement with Austrian energy company Wien Energie to carry out the first phase of district heating network digitalization in Vienna, Petrol has said in a statement. The DigitalIntelligent Smart Networks – District...