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Utility CHP ownership – a new partnership

This article was featured in the Q1 2018 edition of District Energy Magazine . Investor-owned utilities have a unique opportunity to partner with clients to deploy efficient, resilient and economical CHP capacity. Over the past five to 10 years the energy and power industry in the U.S...

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Underneath the ivy

This article appears in the Q1 2018 edition of District Energy magazine . Early adopters of district energy, Ivy League schools continue expanding and improving their underground distribution networks. Ivy League colleges and universities are some of the oldest and most renowned in...

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Powering the future from remains of the past

This article appears in the Q1 2018 edition of District Energy Magazine Facing a boiler capacity shortage, the University of Minnesota rehabilitated a retired, antiquated steam plant into a model of modern efficiency and sustainability. The University of Minnesota Twin Cities...

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Chair's Update 1st Quarter 2018

I am sure you’ve noticed time does not wait for anyone; it just keeps ticking forward as we move through the seasons. From my perspective – as I am sure from yours – the demands on our time are continually stressed by the variety of changes and multitude of new things occurring around us....

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President's Message 1st Quarter 2018

One area that has long frustrated me, and many others in IDEA, has been the treatment of and consideration for district energy and combined heat and power in U.S. military base installations. Time and again, we have heard of bases electing to disaggregate district heating systems as part of an...

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District Energy Magazine - Latest issue now online

IDEA is pleased to bring you the latest issue of District Energy magazine, now available online . Our cover story, Powering the future from remains of the past , features the new CHP plant at the University of Minnesota, a facility many of you toured while it was under construction...

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Chair's Update 1st Quarter 2016

We move into 2016 without an old friend. John Gray, a steady fixture within the IDEA community, passed away Nov. 10, 2015. John was important to this association, and IDEA was important to him. For nearly 50 years, John at­tended our conferences and events. Beyond his deep technical knowledge,...

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Chair's Update 1st Quarter 2017

This past fall, I had the privilege to join Rob Thornton in Copenhagen for the annual Danish district heating conference, a rare opportunity to interact with district energy professionals from Denmark. Our host, Birger Lauersen, manager of international affairs for the Danish District Heating...

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Chair's Update 1st Quarter 2014

Oh it's the most wonderful time of the year ... I'm talking about the IDEA Annual Campus Conference season! For me and hundreds of other IDEA members who work in the campus environment, this is the conference for the richest program, the greatest opportunities for information exchange and the...

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Chair's Update 1st Quarter 2015

For decades, our industry has found success in structured utility markets. Recently, the influence and interests in energy systems has begun to shift, with businesses, local governments and communities embracing local energy systems. Energy production sources are becoming more diverse and...

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