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Chair's Update 4th Quarter 2016

Eight years ago my wife and I had our dream home built. We had purchased the property three years before but waited until we had the right floor plan and finances to move forward. Knowing this was to be our dream home, and one we would likely be carried away from in a casket someday, we wanted...

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Chair's Update 4th Quarter 2015

"Embracing Change": That is IDEA's continuing focus and theme for this year. As we consider change, I can think of no other region in North America (or perhaps the world) that has driven change in our sector in the last five years more deliberately than the Canadian province of British Columbia ...

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Chair's Update 4th Quarter 2014

Over the summer I had the opportunity to visit two innovative district energy systems under construction in Vancouver. Both are integrating recovered waste heat as the primary source of energy for the system, significantly reducing energy usage and carbon emissions. These are just two of the...

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Chair's Update 4th Quarter 2013

Patti Wilson I was recently doing research about the Architect of the Capitol and was inspired by the very first sentence on its website under "About the AOC": "The Architect of the Capitol (AOC) is the builder and steward of America's Capitol, serving Congress and the Supreme Court, creating...

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Chair's Update 4th Quarter 2012

Joseph Brillhart As I write this column, it seems to me like we were all just in Chicago together. Summer seemed to zoom by, and autumn, a favorite time of the year for me, never seems to last long enough. However, the good news is that it won't be long before we will all be together in San...

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Chair's Update 1st Quarter 2012

Vincent Badali First of all, I'd like to remind you to make arrangements to attend IDEA's 25th Annual Campus Energy Conference - "Innovations in Clean Energy." We are meeting in Arlington, Va., Feb. 6-9, and it's not too late to sign up. Just click on the Campus Conference banner at www...

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Chair's Update 4th Quarter 2011

Vincent Badali As I write this column, the unofficial summer season is winding down and the financial markets have just completed the most volatile week in their history. By the time you read this, that record may have already been eclipsed, adding to the learning experiences that financial...

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Chair's Update 4th Quarter 2010

Is your knowledge base planning to retire? Lately we've heard about a number of major items affecting us in some way. Pending EPA legislation on Boiler Maximum Achievable Control Technology (see the feature story in this issue), the BP oil spill and uncertainty about congressional passage of an...

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Chair's Update 4th Quarter 2009

It seems that in these times, more than in the past, everyone is juggling many balls at once. We're all working on various projects, plus dealing with LEED ® certification issues and climate legislation pressures . Yet, as busy as we are, we need more than ever to step up and make a difference...

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President's Message 4th Quarter 2016

From District Energy Magazine, Fourth Quarter, 2016 As we head into the fourth quarter of 2016, there are some pretty obvious trends at work in the U.S. energy industry. One, coal use is in rapid decline, especially at U.S. colleges and universities. Two, the era of large, remote central...