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Ener-Core and Siemens' Dresser-Rand Business Announce Grid Synchronization of 3.5 MW Co-Generation Plant at Pacific Ethanol

Press Release, Business Insider IRVINE, CA --(Marketwired - January 30, 2018) - Ener-Core, Inc. (OTCQB: ENCR) , a developer and licensor of innovative gas conversion technologies for global commercial and industrial facilities, announced that its first two 1.75 megawatt (MW) Power...

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Blue Lake Rancheria Microgrid: Challenges and successes in designing, building, and operating a remote community microgrid

Summary The Blue Lake Rancheria Microgrid sets a new standard for remote community energy projects. Nestled in the rolling forests of Northern California, Blue Lake Rancheria is in the heart of PG&E’s outage-prone service territory. With goals including support for 7 days islanded...


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Holland Energy Park cogeneration plant commissioned

Diarmaid Williams, Decentralized Energy Summary Siemens and Holland Board of Public Works are celebrating the commissioning of Holland Energy Park in Holland, Michigan – a natural gas- fueled combined cycle power plant using Siemens gas turbine technology. Siemens supplied two SGT- 800...

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Innovation chief says future of energy is distributed

Diarmaid Williams, Decentralized Energy Summary A top executive at Siemens innovation unit, next47, sparked some debate at an energy summit in London last week, when asserting that distributed energy would rule the future power mix. Susana Quintana-Plaza, Partner at the unit dedicated to...

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Role of CHP Plants in Securing Reliable and Efficient Power

Summary This presentation showcases case studies from commercial, industrial and utility applications that demonstrate the role of CHP plants in securing reliable and efficient power. Speaker Dalia El Tawy, Siemens #AnnualConference #UnitedStates #Reliability #EnergyEfficiency ...


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Harnessing the full reliability and economics of a college microgrid through control software

Summary This presentation outlines Algonquin College's efforts to invest in a sustainable energy future. Part of their plan includes a fully operational microgrid. The microgrid will be managed by a software system that optimizes a mix of supply and demand side resources while ensuring reliable...


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Siemens starts field tests of high efficiency GT technology

Modern Power Systems Augsut 8, 2017 Summary Siemens, a member of IDEA, has started field trials of its next generation gas turbine technology. Following component testing and prototype testing in its own facilities, the company is now pursuing validation under real field conditions with the...

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Siemens launches new engine for distributed generation applications

Diarmaid Williams , Decentralized Energy July 27, 2017 Summary Siemens, a member of IDEA, has reinforced its position in gas-fuelled reciprocating engines, launching its first 2 MW gas engine for distributed power generation applications. The new E-series engines are available in two...

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Benefits of Trigeneration for University Campuses and Data Centers

Summary Combined Cooling, Heat and Power (CCHP) or trigeneration plays a critical role in ensuring reliability and efficiency of university campuses and data-centers. Key benefits include increasing efficiency, improving cost-effectiveness, and securing resiliency for critical facilities and...


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Capitalizing on the Economic and Environmental Benefits of Energy Storage

Summary This presentation explores how energy storage technology can help to integrate renewable energy sources into microgrids and the grid as a whole. Speaker Dan Wishnick, Siemens #GridModernization #NorthAmerica #2017 #AnnualConference #Siemens #RenewableEnergy ...