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EAS Energy Partners Close Landmark Clean Energy Deal on Largest Sewer Heat Recovery System in North America Summary EAS Energy Partners (EAS), a consortium led by Enwave Energy Corporation, announces completion of a landmark renewable energy project partnership for the National Western Center in Denver, Colorado. Enwave’s “Sewer Heat Recovery system,” an innovative technology...

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Designing Denver's First Wastewater District Energy System

Summary The National Western Center in Denver is the City’s premier district energy project and a key component of its drive towards a circular economy through the recovery of heat from wastewater. This technical session covers how the City and design team first identified and then optimized...


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Ceremony for DoD's largest energy-saving battery held at Fort Carson

Press Release, Fort Carson Public Affairs Office Fort Carson, Colo. - A "switch-throwing" ceremony for the largest peak energy-saving battery storage system on any Department of Defense installation will be held Wednesday at 3 p.m. at Minick Substation at Fort Carson. The new 8.5 megawatt...

Fort Carson News Release 19-001 Ceremony for DoD's largest energy-saving battery held at Fort Carson.pdf

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Report identifies heat network cost savings

Alec Peachy, Gas Power Heat Systems Network Summary The capital costs of UK heat networks could be reduced by 30-40%, according to a report from the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI). According to the ETI, this could potentially decrease the cost of the UK's low carbon transition by...

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ULX: Technological Ingenuity

Ron Nyren, UrbanLand Summary As Elizabeth Diller, principal of New York City–based architecture firm Diller Scofidio + Renfro, once told an interviewer, “Architecture is a technology. . . . Sometimes we have to use technology as a tool to accomplish something, or technology becomes the...

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Energy Systems for Island Resilience in Guam

Summary Guam hosts critical US military missions whose energy systems face unique challenges. In addition to the harsh conditions, unreliable utility, and remote location, JRM’s importance to national security places additional requirements on the security of their supply. This presentation...


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Resilience of Energy Systems: Metrics and Evaluation - AECOM

Summary This presentation provides a definition of energy resiliency and its attributes. Using Bronzeville Resilience & Performance Metrics – perspective of ComEd (Utility) and the Navy Energy Security & Readiness Scorecard – an Installation Perspective Using Resiliency Metrics as case...

Srivastava_Avinash-Thompson_Calum-Resilience of Energy Systems.pdf