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ENR MidAtlantic Announces the 2019 Excellence in Safety Award Winners

ENR MidAtlantic Summary A safety expert from the region has selected ENR MidAtlantic's 2019 Best Projects safety award winners. The Excellence in Safety winner, along with the Safety Award of Merit winner, will be honored as part of the Best Projects 2019 awards banquets on Nov. 5 in...

Library Entry
Cogeneration at the US Capitol

Summary The Architect of the Capitol (AOC) is responsible for the district energy system that provides utilities to the US Capitol, Capitol Hill, plus a few neighboring facilities. After a rigorous analysis of potential energy technologies, AOC determined that cogeneration was the best way to...


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Accomplishments in Energy Reduction Efforts at the Architect of the Capitol

Summary In 2015 the Architect of the Capitol exceeded the goals set forth by the Energy Independence and Security Action of 2007 and the Energy Policy Act of 2005 by reducing the campus energy use index by more than 30% of the 2003 baseline. This accomplishment was made possible by the...


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The Architect of the Capitol: Chilled Water Efficiency Improvements Through Revitalization

Summary The AOC embarked on an aggressive renovation and revitalization project in 2011. The project involved strategic planning and phasing to maintain reliable service to the Capitol's critical loads and work within the funding restrictions of the federal government. The final solution...