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Bioenergy, the undervalued pillar of the clean energy transition

Smart Energy International Summary Bioenergy is already the world’s largest source of renewable energy, responsible for 70% of the supply (and around 10% of total primary energy). Burning organic matter goes back to the invention of fire and is still commonplace around the globe. Yet it gets...

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Make use of Ireland’s natural advantage’ for bioenergy

Agriland Summary The next government has been called on to make use of Ireland’s “considerable natural advantage” for growing bioenergy fuel crops to meet its 2030 emissions targets and get up to speed on renewable energy. The Irish Bioenergy Association (IrBEA) in recent weeks has...

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Volvo’s Swedish Bus Plant Powered by Renewable Energy, Including Biofuels

Biofuels International Summary Volvo has announced that its bus plant in Borås, Sweden has become one of the first bus production facilities in the world to be powered solely by renewable energy, including hydropower and biofuels. Overall energy consumption at the factory has been...

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What Are the Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Biofuels?

Summary A wide range of biofuels are being considered for GHG reduction in campus energy systems, including woody biomass, bioliquids and biogas. The concept of burning anything, even renewable fuels, is encountering increasing opposition. Determining the GHG emissions of biofuels is a tricky...


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Regulatory Delays Slow Efforts to Stop Burning Coal at Duluth Steam Plant

Duluth News Tribune Summary While the push to wean Duluth’s steam plant off coal continues, the fossil fuel will continue to remain part of the facility’s diet for the foreseeable future, largely because of regulatory delays its operators have encountered as they seek to burn a new biofuel...

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Request for Qualifications: Dartmouth Green Energy Project

Summary Dartmouth President Philip J. Hanlon ’77 has called on Dartmouth to play a leadership role in improving global sustainability and overcoming the challenges of climate change. As such, Dartmouth has committed to improving the efficiency of its energy production and distribution systems...

Dartmouth Green Energy Project RFQ - 02-20-2019.pdf

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California gas network taps into dairy RNG

Bioenergy Insight Summary Both US-based natural gas provider Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) and biogas producer Calgren announced that renewable natural gas (RNG) from Calgren’s dairy anaerobic digester is being injected into SoCalGas’ pipeline network. According to the release,...

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Danbury firm exploring new bio-residual oil to lower energy costs, environmental impact

Kevin Zimmerman, Westfair Communications Summary A Danbury company is betting that a new type of biodiesel could be the answer when it comes to finding a cleaner, more efficient and more effective fuel source. In fact, so confident is Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corp. in bio...

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Orlando Businesses Save Waste Fees Through Disney-Supported Biofuel

Alyssa Danigelis, Environmental Leader Summary Businesses in Orlando, Florida, are saving dumpster fees by sending their food waste to a biofuel facility serving Walt Disney World. The city’s green bin program is available to any local business, WOFL Fox 35 reports. Kaley Winters, manager...

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Fortum Builds Bio-Heating Facility In Kivenlahti, Finland

Eurasia Review Summary Fortum is replacing part of its fossil-based heat production by building a biofuel-fired heating facility in Kivenlahti, Espoo using clean wood-based fuels. The value of the investment is over EUR 40 million. The new facility will have a fuel power of 49 MW, and its...