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Absorption Heat Pump for Cooling Heating

Summary I shall be presenting on LiBr cycle Absorption Heat Pump which recycles heat from low-temperature heat sources to produce high-temperature water, how an Absorption Heat Pump and Absorption chiller are very similar in structure and working principle while used for different applications...


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Energy Modeling and Analysis of Modern Absorption Cooling and Heating in District and CHP Systems

Summary This presentation talked about up-to-date modern absorption cooling and heat pump technology, puts emphasis on modeling and analysis method using massive and diverse energy data, and highlights the operational energy cost savings in different district energy and CHP applications....


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Microgrid Absorbers Designed for Maximizing Waste Heat Recovery

Summary Broad recently supplied the absorber to the Montgomery County Maryland Microgrid. This presentation will cover this absorber design as well as few additional types of absorbers that are available and specifically designed to recovery heat from internal combustion engines. As engines...


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Modern Absorption Titanium Tubes the "New Normal" in District Energy Systems

Summary This presentation will cover applications for Modern Absorbers from around the globe. Focus will be on district energy systems and waste heat recovery applications. Heat pump and double and triple lift applications in Cogeneration. We will also cover how Titanium Tubes now standard...