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Burns & McDonnell Launches 1898 & Co. - A New Future-Focused Consultancy Arm

Burns & McDonnell Summary KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Burns & McDonnell is launching its first new brand in the firm’s history with 1898 & Co. , a future-focused consulting and technology solutions arm to deliver on clients’ biggest challenges. The new brand is poised to focus on...

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ENR MidAtlantic Announces the 2019 Excellence in Safety Award Winners

ENR MidAtlantic Summary A safety expert from the region has selected ENR MidAtlantic's 2019 Best Projects safety award winners. The Excellence in Safety winner, along with the Safety Award of Merit winner, will be honored as part of the Best Projects 2019 awards banquets on Nov. 5 in...

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Burns & McDonnell to Help Build Army Steam Generation System

Brenda Marie Rivers, Executive Biz Summary BAE Systems has awarded Burns & McDonnell a contract to design and construct a steam boiler facility that will replace a coal-fired plant and support manufacturing activities at the Holston Army Ammunition Plant in Kingsport, Tenn. ...

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Princeton University Substation Upgrade Project

Summary Princeton University has reached the allowable capacity on the 26kV utility interconnection with PSE&G. A new 69kV high-voltage substation is being constructed to connect the existing 26kV substations to the PSE&G transmission system. The project challenges include a directional...


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PSU's Road to Sustainability

Summary Penn State is increasing its focus on sustainability and reduction of its carbon footprint. Much has been done with fuel conversions, efficiency improvements, CHP, fuel cells, and renewable energy sources. They are on the road planning future improvements. Burns & McDonnell worked...


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A Path to Neutrality – Princeton University Infrastructure Master Plan

Summary Due to campus growth and desire to address aging infrastructure in the face of bold carbon targets, Princeton University completed an Infrastructure Master Plan. Planning included analysis of heat recovery and energy storage opportunities, steam-to-hot water conversions, and water...


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Cogeneration at the US Capitol

Summary The Architect of the Capitol (AOC) is responsible for the district energy system that provides utilities to the US Capitol, Capitol Hill, plus a few neighboring facilities. After a rigorous analysis of potential energy technologies, AOC determined that cogeneration was the best way to...


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Wild Flow, Concourse Expansion, and Other Adventures at Denver International Airport

Summary On the verge of an unprecedented expansion, Denver International Airport is seeking to renew their thermal utilities and deal with the “wild” flow within their hydronic system that is causing additional maintenance, excess energy use, and limiting flexibility at the central plant....


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Arlington Microgrid - A Learning Experience for the Utility Marketplace

Summary Snohomish County Public Utility District (SnoPUD) has embarked on the design of a microgrid at their new Arlington Office with the following functions in mind: Renewable Energy Resource Integration, Grid Support and Ancillary Services, Disaster Recovery, and Vehicle to Grid (V2G)...

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Baltimore Convention Center - 10,000 Tons of Cooling in 2,000 Ton Plant

Summary This presentation will address issues encountered while replacing refrigeration equipment for an ice storage system designed to serve the Baltimore Convention Center and portions of the Baltimore downtown chilled water loop. The discussion will include designing the plant in an existing...