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Enwave Expands Canadian Presence

#Enwave #Canada #News

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The 2014 District Energy Inventory for Canada

Inventory for Canada presents an updated...Canadian Industrial Energy and End-use Data and...#SimonFraserUniversity #BritishColumbia #Canada


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Understanding the Impacts on US and Canadian Case Studies

Summary LEED Version 4 is now the current version of LEED for all new projects. LEED V4 brings many changes for interested district energy systems such as the forced phase-out of CFC’s, the ability to meet prerequisites with district energy alone, and more stringent energy requirements. This...

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Focus Search - means no more LEED Canada – we’re all the

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Canadian oil and gas firm to replace boilers with cogen

Summary A major Canadian oil and gas...Article Continue Reading #News #Canada

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Valeco inaugurates its first cogeneration plant in Canada

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Public Works and Government Services Canada: Request for Qualification - ESAP

costs for Canada and greenhouse gas...enable Canada to explore the feasibility of...drives. Canada is seeking strong competition...Government of Canadas DES in order to achieve the

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Communities across Canada receive support for infrastructure planning and green innovation

of Canadian Municipalities (FCM...initiatives in communities across Canada...Fund (GMF). The Government of Canada...that will benefit Canadians for solutions that help Canada