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Carbon-Based Building Codes and Standards

Summary Intersection of Step Code and District Energy in Surrey, B.C. Workshop 1 Session Speakers Jason Owen, City of Surrey #2018 #ConferenceProceeding #AnnualConference #Workshop #Sustainability #Surrey #BritishColumbia #Canada


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South East False Creek Neighborhood Energy Utility Expansion

Summary The False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility (NEU), established in 2010, is North America’s first district heating system to utilize waste heat from untreated sewage. The NEU provides space heat and hot water to 5 million square feet of mixed-use development, and is rapidly expanding to...


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Exploring the potential for District Heating in Metro Vancouver

Summary Workshop 1 Session Speakers Lillian Zaremba, Metro Vancouver #2018 #ConferenceProceeding #AnnualConference #Workshop #Sustainability #Vancouver #BritishColumbia #Canada #MetroVancouver


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Geothermal Ground Source Heat Pump at Alexandra District Energy Utility System

Summary Workshop 1 Session Speakers Constantino Retes, City of Richmond, B.C. #2018 #ConferenceProceeding #AnnualConference #Workshop #Sustainability #Richmond #BritishColumbia #Canada #AlexandraDistrictEnergyUtility


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Analyzing Biomass and Other Carbon Neutral Fuels

Summary Public Services Procurement Canada is strongly considering the adoption of biomass as its primary fuel for baseloading its modernized district energy system. However, not all biomass is equal from a carbon accounting perspective. This workshop will provide a detailed analysis of the...


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Renewable Solutions in Municipal District Hot Water DHW

Summary Workshop 1 Session Speakers Jason Owen, City of Surrey, B.C. #2018 #ConferenceProceeding #AnnualConference #Workshop #HotWater #Surrey #BritishColumbia #Canada #Sustainability


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Surrey's Low-Carbon District Energy Strategy

Summary This presentation will focus on Surrey’s City-owned DE utility and its plan to realize a community scale reduction in GHG emissions from buildings. To achieve this vision, the City has developed a 3-phase plan that commenced in 2014 and will result in the utility meeting its carbon...


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Marine Gateway: A Low Carbon Energy System for Vancouver

Summary Locally, the British Columbia Step Code, and the City of Vancouver’s own Zero Emissions Building Plan, are driving down building space heating intensities and demanding substantial carbon emissions savings in new projects. District energy systems must find innovative ways to provide low...


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The Role of Thermal Networks for Low-Carbon Resilient Communities

Summary The Etobicoke Civic Centre Precinct, a City-owned 14 acre brownfield, is being master planned as Toronto's first low-carbon community. New buildings will be designed for low energy use and will connect to a new low-carbon thermal energy network. The City of Toronto's new Etobicoke Civic...


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Canada’s First Utility-Scale Energy Storage System Islands Remote Town During Outages

Summary BC Hydro utilizes energy storage to greatly improve service reliability for a remote mountain community in British Columbia. Session Track 5C Speakers Brian Levite, S&C Electric #2018 #ConferenceProceeding #AnnualConference #SCElectric #Microgrids #BritishColumbia ...