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Siemens Energy teams up with Duke Energy, Clemson University to study hydrogen use

Green Car Congress Summary Siemens Energy, Duke Energy and Clemson University have teamed up to study the use of hydrogen for energy storage and as a low- or no-carbon fuel source to produce energy at Duke Energy’s combined heat and power plant located at Clemson University in South...

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Phased Approach to Campus Wide Chilled Water System Optimization at Clemson University

Summary Clemson University implemented a multi-phased approach to chilled water system optimization across its 1,400 acre campus, served by multiple chiller plants connected through a common hydraulic piping system. This case study presentation will outline and discuss the process and...


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Utility CHP ownership – a new partnership

This article was featured in the Q1 2018 edition of District Energy Magazine . Investor-owned utilities have a unique opportunity to partner with clients to deploy efficient, resilient and economical CHP capacity. Over the past five to 10 years the energy and power industry in the U.S...

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Eclipse Shines Light On ‘Smart Grid’ Technologies At Clemson University

Press Release, The Newsstand CLEMSON — The historic eclipse that will cut across the nation on Aug. 21 will give Clemson University researchers and industry collaborators a chance to study what happens when solar panels suddenly quit generating energy. The research underscores one of the...

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The Power of Collaboration on CHP: Benefits of Utility Ownership of CHP as a Base Load Resource at Key Customer Sites

Summary Combined heat and power (CHP) is the most efficient method of generating power on the planet. Even so, utilities have traditionally not evaluated or deployed CHP as a supply resource, often viewing it as a competing, customer-owned resource which should be avoided. Today, some...


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Hurdle Cleared for Duke Energy's Clemson Plant as Environmental Objections are Withdrawn

John Downey, Triangle Business Journal May 8, 2017 Summary The Clemson City Council has withdrawn its regulatory challenge to Duke Energy’s contract to sell steam to Clemson University now that the university has moved the proposed power plant away from two residential neighborhoods. The...

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Clemson University's Self-Healing Grid

Summary Underground, out of sight, and often ignored, the campus electrical infrastructure is a vital component of reliable campus operations. This presentation will discuss converting Clemson’s aged infrastructure into a state of the art self-healing microgrid based on intelligent switches to...