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Enwave's Deep Lake Water Cooling system featured in UN's internationally distributed publication: A Guide to Circular Cities

Enwave Press Release Summary The United Nations under its United 4 Sustainable Smart Cities (U4SSC) initiative published a case study of Enwave’s progressive Deep Lake Water Cooling (DWLC) system in A Guide to Circular Cities . The guide focuses on how circular economies can design...

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Case Study: Energy Efficiency in Buildings

United for Smart Sustainable Cities Summary Toronto is Canada’s largest city and continues to grow at a staggering rate (City Planning Division, 1). In January 2018, the city earned the unique title of having the highest crane count in Rider Levett Bucknall’s crane index (RBL, 3), an...

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Solar? Geothermal? Garbage? 6 climate-friendly ways to heat and cool buildings

Emily Chung, CBC News Summary Using local energy sources such as lake water, wood waste or even garbage to heat and cool buildings is one way for communities to cut their greenhouse gas emissions — the goal of this week's UN climate summit. In district energy systems , instead of...

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Enwave receives funding to expand their deep lake-water cooling system

Enwave received $10 million in federal funding to expand their deep lake-water cooling system. The Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change explains “Enwave is the first recipient under a program our government has to support business and other folks that are...


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Enwave receives funding to expand Deep Lake Water Cooling system

Your Renewable News Summary Enwave Energy Corporation (Enwave) announces a $100 million expansion of its Deep Lake Water Cooling (DLWC) system with the support of up to $10 million in federal funding. A sustainable energy project, DLWC draws cold water from Lake Ontario to cool hospitals,...

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Australia’s Drought and Oceanic Opportunities

Harry Valentine, Maritime Executive Summary While Australia presently endures a drought, their weather history includes previous prolonged periods of drought. In response, authorities built the controversial Wonthaggi desalination plant in Melbourne. While it was expensive to build and is...

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U of W engineering students show off latest innovations

Mary Caton, Windsor Star Summary The first floor of the University of Windsor building teemed with talent as fourth-year engineering students proudly displayed their capstone projects to faculty, donors, industry partners and perhaps most importantly, wide-eyed first-year students touring...