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St. Louis Park will remove ash trees at Bass Lake Preserve

Sun Sailor Summary St. Louis Park is in the process of removing about 180 ash trees on the south side of Bass Lake Preserve, all of which are heavily infected with emerald ash borer. Once removed, the trees will be chipped up at the city’s brush site and then burned as biofuel at...

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House Energy and climate division considers a new District Energy-Xcel agreement Summary When emerald ash borers were found in St. Paul in 2009, experts warned an infestation could be afoot, and it would best be contained by the swift removal of infected trees. As the infestation accelerated, trees started coming down and the process continues 11 years...

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What Will Happen to Wood Waste from Emerald Ash Borer?

Post Bulletin Summary When cities remove dead and dying trees that have been felled by storms or chewed apart from the inside by the dreaded emerald ash borer larvae, where does the wood go? The answer, more often than not, is Environmental Wood Supply, a tree waste processing facility...

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Getting Steamed: Mega-Plume Blossoms in Cold Weather at St. Paul Energy Plant

Post Bulletin Summary Almost everyone in the metro area has seen St. Paul’s largest thermometer. The enormous plume from the St. Paul District Energy plant rises and falls with every change in temperature. On a cold day, it’s like a colossus towering over the dozens of lesser plumes...

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Downtown St. Paul utility District Energy goes coal-free

Frederick Melo, Pioneer Press Summary District Energy St. Paul, the utility that heats 500 commercial buildings and single-family homes in and around downtown, held an unusual retirement party on Friday. Without a glimmer of nostalgia, CEO Ken Smith gathered with workers and executives to...

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Saving Big on Cooling

Summary Since 2015, District Energy St. Paul has focused on optimizing cooling operations to save energy and costs for the system and customers. In the first year alone, customers saw a 10% savings and this trend continued through improvement of data/performance reporting, controls strategies,...


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District Energy Space 2017 Awards at IDEA2018

Showcasing Industry Growth Around the World More than 109,087,059 square feet of growth was reported in 2017. Summary The publication of District Energy Space has become an annual tradition for the International District Energy Association since 1990. Compilations beyond North...

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Saint Paul is on the Cutting Edge of Decarbonization

Jeff Harder, USGBC Summary O nce upon a time, coal was king in Saint Paul, Minnesota, creating steam that traveled through a network of underground pipes and tunnels to illuminate and heat downtown. The underlying infrastructure, known as a district energy system, had been around for a...

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Update on State of MN Findings on Condensing Boiler Efficiency Assessment

Speakers Ken Smith and Jeff Volovsek, District Energy St. Paul #AnnualConference #2014 #ConferenceProceeding #PolicyandRegulation #DistrictEnergyStPaul #EverGreenEnergy #Minnesota #MinneapolisandStPaul #EnergyEfficiency #StateofMinnesotaDivisionofEnergyResources

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St. Paul energy nonprofit seeks bonding for expansion

Clare Kennedy, Finance & Commerce Summary District Energy St. Paul Inc. is seeking $25 million in bonding. The nonprofit energy producer, which heats and cools a significant chunk of downtown St. Paul, will use a portion of the money to upgrade its heating and cooling plants and extend...