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Novel Renewable Natural Gas Partnership Will Move Duke Toward Carbon Neutrality

Duke Today Summary Duke University has taken another step toward its goal of achieving carbon neutrality by entering into a partnership to receive renewable natural gas beginning in early 2022. The partnership with South Carolina-based renewable natural gas developer GreenGasUSA will...

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Saving Energy While Spreading Warmth

Duke Today Summary At first glance, Hot Water Plant No. 2, the newest addition to Duke’s utility infrastructure, looks like a tangle of thick pipes and towering columns. But by helping parts of West Campus move off of Duke’s steam system, the plant represents a major stride in the energy...

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Duke Works Toward Carbon-Neutrality Goal with Solar Deal, Board of Trustees Task Force

The Chronicle Summary A major solar acquisition over the summer, along with a new Board of Trustees strategic task force will help Duke continue on its path to carbon neutrality. With Duke’s climate plan including extensive carbon offsets—projects meant to “cancel out” emissions being...

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Providing a Cooler Future for Duke

Duke Today Summary With around 15 miles of pipes running through university and hospital buildings, Duke’s vast chilled water system works constantly to keep campus cool. And as campus has grown in recent years, that job has only gotten bigger. For proof, you need only look at Chiller Plant...

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Duke nets major investment in solar power in effort to curb carbon emissions

Triangle Business Journal Summary Duke University is continuing its effort to become carbon neutral by 2024 by signing into a partnership with an Asheville-based solar developer for increased capacity at three new solar facilities planned for the state. On Monday, Duke announced it has...

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New chilled water plant construction brings parking changes

Deepti Agnihotri, The Chronicle Summary Duke will build a new plant to keep cool. Construction on Duke's third water cooling plant, or Chiller Plant No. 3, will begin in January 2019. It will be located on Anderson Street and the construction is expected to conclude in December 2020,...

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Duke delays construction of proposed power plant indefinitely

The Chronicle Summary Duke has decided to delay construction indefinitely of a proposed Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant, the University announced Friday. Instead, the University will pursue opportunities to employ biogas and other fuels for its energy. The proposed plant has drawn ...

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IDEA Letter to Duke Administration Outlining CHP Experience of Peer Campuses

In 2016 Duke University announced plans to build a new Combined Heat and Power plant in partnership with Duke Energy on their main campus in Durham. Since the announcement, the university has faced some opposition largely related to concerns around fuel sources and potential environmental...

IDEA Letter to Duke Administration Outlining CHP Experience of Peer Campuses.pdf

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Strategic Planning & Preparation for Campus Mini Microgrid

Speakers Aurel Selezeanu, Duke University #ConferenceProceeding #CampusEnergyConference #2014 #Workshop #Microgrids #DukeUniversity


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Community Energy and Microgrid Ownership Models

Summary This workshop focuses on the experience that Duke University had building and operating their own CHP plant. Speaker Aurel Selezeanu, Duke University #CampusEnergy #Workshop #DukeUniversity #UnitedStates #NorthCarolina #EnergyEfficiency #DukeEnergy #Microgrids ...