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Enmax Selling Downtown District Energy Centre for $27M — Nearly $5M Less than it Cost to Build

Calgary Herald Summary Enmax Corp. has reached a deal to sell its downtown District Energy Centre to a U.K.-based clean energy company The $27-million deal with Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure PLC — a publicly traded sustainable infrastructure company that owns and manages renewable...

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Fate of Downtown district energy initiative in flux: City may be out $3 million

Jeff Labine, Edmonton Journal Summary Edmonton’s Downtown district energy initiative — a key tool to reduce the city’s emission levels — could be on the chopping block. And it could cost Edmonton more than $3 million, at the same time hampering the Francis Winspear Centre for Music’s...

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Construction on Winspear Centre's $54M expansion expected to start in summer

Jamie Malbeuf, CBC Summary The Francis Winspear Centre for Music is expecting to break ground on its $54-million expansion project this summer. The downtown music venue, home to the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, is getting funding from all three levels of government to cover $39 million...

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Cogeneration Channel: From Enmax, energy for low emissions district heating

Cogeneration Channel: Case Study Jason Grabinsky, Manager Business Relationship, District Energy, ENMAX Corporation The Enmax district heating plant serves numerous homes, commercial and institutional buildings in the city of Calgary (Canada), including City Hall, the National Music...

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ENMAX Downtown District Energy Centre CHP

Summary ENMAX and Associated Engineering have collaborated on the installation of a 3.3 MWe / 3.0 MWt CHP system located at ENMAX’s Downtown District Energy Centre. It will be one of the largest CHP installations in Calgary, designed to provide electrical energy to the Alberta grid and heat to...


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Reduce or reuse? Edmonton aims for both in new downtown energy scheme

Elise Stolte, Edmonton Journal The sun shines through steam as it rises high above the roofline of the London District Energy building. CRAIG GLOVER / CRAIG GLOVER/THE LONDON FREE PRE Summary An expert citizens’ panel just saved the city from what could have been a major...

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Building and Growing A District Energy Business in Alberta: ENMAX District Energy

Summary As the name implies, District Energy is ultimately an energy business. Unlike more well established DE systems in North America, with thousands of meter of installed thermal pipeline, new systems like ENMAX District Energy, in Calgary, are as much a construction business as a thermal...


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Growing a District Energy Start-up

Summary Looking at well-established DE systems throughout the world, it’s difficult to imagine the cost, logistical and political challenges associated with constructing these systems today. But building DE systems are not a thing of the past. ENMAX Corporation is forging ahead with expansion...